stay off the ice.



wiley wears (part one):

dress: uo
belt: forever 21
tights: target
shoes: uo

wiley wears (part two):

dress: rohit gandhi-rahul khanna
belt: vintage
tights: uo
shoes: uo
     this weekend was incredible!  sorry for the massive amount of photos, but i wanted to share some of the highlights along with my outfits.  i went to some vintage and antique shops, shopped for my sister's birthday, and spent every other moment celebrating the wedding of two amazing people.  kyle and sarah's wedding was spectacular; one of the most beautiful weddings i have ever been a part of. 
     the first dress was what i wore for the rehersal dinner.  i love the 80s print of the dress and wanted to enhance the full skirt so i paired it with this very fitted corset belt.
     the second outfit is what i wore to the wedding and reception.  it is a repeat of a dress i wore here, but this time i wore it inside out to showcase the gorgeous blue silk on the opposite side.  i thought the brown silk hanging from below the seam looked great and it was the ultimate dancing dress.
i hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. Those last two pictures are really good, who took those?