wiley wears:

cardigan: j.crew
top: michael stars
flower pin: on loan from poppy and leo
skirt: j.crew (thrifted)
tights: walmart
brogues: miss me
     today i went with a ladylike ensemble.  i knew i wanted to wear this springy striped skirt and i thought anchoring the outfit with navy would keep it warm and winter weather ready.  i thought adding the pink flower pin would give me that perfect punch of color and it went along with the girly look i was going for.  my skirt was one of the best thrift finds i had last year.  only three dollars and it fits like a dream.  i love the almost a-line shape.  super feminine and sweet.

style spotlight: panama hats.

     i am on the search for the perfect panama hat and i will admit that it can be quite a challenge to find the perfect fit..  there is something effortlessly chic about these woven beauties.  they are popping up at all my favorite shops and i love the feminine fits and details that are everywhere these days.  i plan to find the perfect panama hat and wear it all spring and summer long to the market, the beach and on long leisurely bike rides.

what's your favorite warm weather hat?

{above images via the sartorialist, j.crew and madewell.}


wardrobe risks.

wiley wears:

top: patrick robinson for target
cardigan: f21
belt: vintage
skirt: f21
tights: uo
shoes: vintage dexters
    what can i say other than 'i think i'm in love.'   i love this striped skirt, the red tights and caramel colored leather paired together.  i think it's a great combination and my outfit today made me realize some things about my own style.  often times, in the mornings, i'll take one last look in the mirror and question whether my outfit is a bit too quirky.  today i realized that these 'quirky' pieces i wear are usually the ones that get the most compliments and smiles from strangers on the street.  sometimes a little confidence is all it takes to make just about anything look good.  this afternoon a group of teenagers told me they liked my outfit when i was walking to the train.  it absolutely made my day and i was reminded that without my bright red tights they probably wouldn't have even noticed what i was wearing.  it's inspired me to take a few more risks with my daily wardrobe.  believe me, i realize that red tights may not be appropriate every single day, but a day spent behind a desk is a great excuse to add some fun touches. 
      i will be sad to put away my colored tights for the season, since they are some of my favorite colorful touches for basic outfits.  'luckily' it looks like we may get one last snowstorm on friday...so maybe the tights aren't going away so soon.


simple things.

wiley wears:

top: lark and wolff by steven alan
cardigan: gap
belt: f21
trousers: madewell
t-straps: uo
     we've had a good night.  one for the books.  just calm, quiet and productive.  today was a great time to work with some of my favorite separates.  i rarely wear these high-waisted trousers with a top over them, but today i thought it would be nice to wear them without the focus being on the waistline.  they are such soft comfortable pants and i love the cropped cut.  a slimfit button down, belted at the waist, was the perfect addition with a loose boyfriend cardigan over top.

cross country swap.

wiley wears:

dress: swapped with kate
cami: uo
tights: american apparel
boots: vintage
belt worn as headband: gap
      a few weeks back i was feeling a total lack of inspiration.  it was day after day of feeling as though i had nothing to wear in a closet filled to the brim.  since swapping has become the new shopping i thought it might be fun to swap a few items with my fashion soulmate, kate, who lives in seattle.  kate and i went to grad school together and before we were friends we were both envious of one another's style.  i miss kate beyond words and thought this would be a great way to reconnect and get some new inspiration.  we each shipped a box to the other coast and i can't wait to wear each of the pieces that kate sent along.
    this dress was the first thing i tried on when i received my package.  it is the perfect dress for a monday; drapey, soft and bright.  i think it would be perfect for warm weather, but to make it appropriate for our current cold spring slump i thought i'd pair it with black.  i hope to style this up one more time before i have to part with these items and send a new round to seattle. 


500 days of blogging.

wiley wears:

dress: tucker for target
belt: f21
coat: uo
tights: tommy
boots: uo
     i have fallen head over heels for this tucker for target dress.  on friday i attended a writing workshop at m.i.t. and decided that since i'd be in a room full of strangers i could wear the dress again.  i wanted to style it a bit differently from when i wore it the week before, so i went with a wide brown belt, brown tights and my suede boots.  i think this is a great transitional piece and can already see it looking great with wedges and bare legs in the late spring.
i hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
here's wishing you a beautiful week ahead.


style spotlight: elizabeth taylor.

     i thought today would be the perfect time to have elizabeth taylor as the muse for my 'style spotlight.'  i still remember the first time i saw national velvet and how enamored i was with her grace and beauty.  today, we saw the passing of the last female hollywood icon and i can think of no one who could replace her.
     i've always been especially taken with the photos of a young elizabeth playing at the beach or by the pool.  i love the simplicity of her style and her obvious self confidence.  these past two summer seasons have shown lots of retro-inspired swimwear, and it is clear this summer will be no different.  i think we could all use a bit of elizabeth's beach body confidence and here are a few of my favorite elizabeth-inspired bathing suits: here, here, here and here.

{images found here.}


easter dressing.

wiley wears:

top: paul & joe for target
pants: modcloth
wedges: jeffrey campbell
  ever since the mention of spring i've been getting excited for easter.  my mom comes to the city for easter weekend and we always spend it relaxing, eating easter brunch with mimosas and watching girly movies.  i'm ecstatic at the thought and i have already begun planning outfits for the weekend.  when we were young, easter dresses were a big deal.  we would spend a full afternoon picking out frilly pastel dresses at our favorite local dress shop.  as i've gotten older, i still lean towards pastels and light shades for my easter wear and a little lace or a few bows don't hurt either.
     this outfit seems like an adult interpretation of easter wear.  the flowly lace top is a nice change from the tight black top i wore with these pants the first time i wore them, and i think it gives the pants a whole new life.  this was my first time breaking out my gray leather wedges this year, and i look forward to wearing them quite a bit more in the coming months. 
did you have a favorite childhood easter outfit?


the vernal equinox.

wiley wears:

top: madewell
trousers: madewell
blazer: gap
t-straps: uo
necklace: anthropologie
     i think this outfit might be my most perfect work ensemble yet.  i love the way it combines structure and color with classic pieces and some trends thrown in.  sometimes it can be difficult to ride the line between work-appropriate and trendy, but i think i've found a balance here.  the pop of color with my silk lilac top and beaded necklace add some personality to an otherwise very basic combination of pieces.  this outfit goes to show that new combinations can continue to come out of some of the most worn pieces in your closet.  it gets me excited to realize new ways to wear the things that i love.

happy vernal equinox!


rustic overtones.

wiley wears:

top: uo
corduroys: j.crew
jacket: target
shoes: vintage dexters
      we had such a wonderful weekend. bowling friday for our friend john's birthday and the rest of the weekend at jeb's parents house.  last night we went for dinner and live music at an old inn in jeb's hometown and we had a great time.  i'll be honest here, i wore this outfit to bowl on friday, and again to go out last night.  different town, different people.  i get frustrated when i really like an outfit and only get to wear it for an hour or two, so i bit the bullet and re-wore this ensemble.  i found this peasant top shopping with my mom years ago and it's a piece i can't seem to part with.  i had never paired it with my mustard cords before, but i loved the rustic mix of colors and think it's a combination i will repeat again and again.  
     tonight jeb and i are heading to the brattle theater to hear henry rollins' spoken word.  this will be our second time seeing him, and i am really excited.  he has such a distinct point of view and his rants are often hysterical.  it's a fantastic way to end a relaxing weekend.
also, check me out in this month's n.e.e.t. magazine! (page 225)


erin go braugh.

wiley wears:

top: j.crew
cardigan: j.crew
skirt: j.crew
tights: walmart
shoes: vintage dexters
     no, my friends, i could not resist wearing bright green today.  the thing i love about a holiday like st. patty's and valentine's day is the unity i feel with everyone in the city.  it was so fun walking to work this morning and seeing everyone dressed in their st. patrick's day regalia.  
     this corduroy skirt is the perfect green for this holiday and i think i've worn it the past three years.  i wanted to include another dose of color, so i decided on navy and layered my navy tights and navy cardigan over a ruffled white button-up.  sorry for the lack of smiling photos, but we headed out a bit too late for photos and the flash washed me completely out.  i think the photos we took might scare you.  my face looks a bit like the scream mask.


wily wiley reads.

      it's been awhile since i've done a 'wily wiley reads' and i've been getting some questions about what i've been reading of late.  i have read a few really wonderful books.  most of the books i've read lately are huge bestsellers, but i hope to inspire a few of you to pick up a new read.

belong to me by maria de los santos - after reading love walked in, i called my sister to tell her how much i loved the book and how i was heartbroken that i couldn't know more about what happened to cornelia and her family.  i was beyond excited when i found out that there was indeed a sequel.  belong to me had the same beautiful way of storytelling through multiple characters.  with the addition of new characters and a change of scenery, belong to me was even more than i had hoped.  i highly recommend picking up both of these books...or move on to the second one if you've already devoured the first.

sarah's key by tatiana de rosnay - this was another book passed along to me by my mom and younger sister.  sarah's key juxtaposes the stories of a journalist in paris, today, and a ten year old child during the paris roundups in 1942.  'haunting' is the best way to describe this book.  i learned a lot about the events that occurred in paris that year and i haven't stopped thinking about the story since i turned the last page.  while points of the story were very difficult to read because of the subject matter, i found it a very fulfilling read and it only took about two days to finish because i could not put it down.

water for elephants by sarah gruen -  do i even need to write anything about this one?  i think, once again, i may be the last person on earth to have read this book.  it was perfect.  i loved learning more about the traveling circus culture of the early 1930s and the characters are just so damn likeable.  jacob and marlena might be my favorite fictional couple in a long while.  i really enjoy reading books that give you a full story, from beginning to end, and water for elephants does not disappoint.  jump on this bandwagon people!

white teeth by zadie smith - how do i even begin to sum this book up?  it's nearly impossible, given the vast scale of topics that smith covers in one novel.  i'm a big zadie smith fan and have read the autograph man and on beauty and loved both books.  i have yet to decide where this book falls in my list of zadie smith favorites, but the scope is so great it's hard to compare this to anything.  in white teeth smith discusses issues of race, age, gender...the list goes on.  i will admit that i found this to be slower reading, but it has a peaceful quiet story that makes for relaxing reading.

now it's your turn.  please tell me what i need to add to my pile of books to be read.  right now i'm looking forward to reading the help, the hunger games series and her last death.  what do i need to read?  what book could you not put down?


look of lace.

wiley wears:

dress: rodarte for target
belt: gap
blazer: vintage donna karan
booties: target
     this was my second dress i picked up from the target designer on the go collection.  i loved rodarte's take on a lace shift and i thought this dress would be perfect to transition into the warmer months of spring and summer.  i chose to wear this leather and ribbon belt i bought a few years back to better define the waist and loved the overall look. 


time change.

wiley wears:

dress: tucker for target
jacket: target
tights: f21
brogues: miss me
     finally a sunny monday morning and i could not have been more prepared.  i am giving my mustard tights as many more days in the spotlight as the cool weather will allow.  today was absolutely perfect for bright tights and a vibrant floral dress.  when target announced that they were re-releasing the dresses from their go international designer collection i knew i would have to go to snag this tucker dress that i missed the first time around.  i was beyond excited when i got to target last night and they had my size in this and in another...which i'll debut tomorrow.  i've never been good at holding off on wearing new clothing the moment i get it.  i highly recommend heading over to your local target before they run out of these beauties.  i was not surprised to see some of my favorite dresses already gone.


vermont or bust.

tonight i head to vermont with thirty of my nearest and dearest friends.  it is a much-needed weekend away and i'm already looking forward to a great roadtrip soundtrack and lots of wine, magazines and beautiful scenery.  (also, one huge living room sleepover!)  i've packed lots of warm cozy pieces; cable knit, flannel and fleece.  i'm ready to spend an incredible weekend with so many people i love!

enjoy your weekend!

{image found here.}


finding the balance.

     this weeks fbff questions from katy, of modlychic, are about the balancing act between work, life and blogging.  read below to see my answers and head over to katy's blog to see how other bloggers answered.
1. When it comes to prioritizing your life, in what place does blogging fall? 
i will admit that blogging usually falls behind the other parts of my life, but in this same way, it has become a big part of everything in my life.  spending time with friends often turns into brainstorming sessions on new posts, dates with jeb turn into photoshoots and time with my family is often spent discussing the pros and cons of social media.  i am becoming my blog to some extent.  it is constantly on my mind, so it often infiltrates when i am trying to focus on something else.  work, jeb, my friends and family will always come before my blog, but at the end of the day, it is sitting down and working on my blog that allows me some quiet time alone with my thoughts.
2. We all wish we had more free time to dedicate to blogging and all it entails. What are your tricks for taking advantage of the time you do have to be as productive as possible? 
i have a daily blogging schedule.  my photos are taken immediately after work or the gym and then i spend about a half hour editing photos and writing my posts.  by setting aside a specific time each day to do your blogging, it makes planning for other activities much easier.
3. Have you discovered any short-cuts that makes blogging easier or more time efficient? 
my easiest short-cut is to take different photo sets throughout my weekend and have extra posts ready for evenings during the week when i'm too tired or have plans.  all i have to do is edit the photos and write a quick post.  always better than nothing!
4. Do you have an editorial calendar or something similar that helps you plan ahead? 
i don't have an editorial calendar, but i do the same posts on a similar schedule each week.  once you figure out when you like to do specific posts it makes it very workable without needing to write it down.  do what works for you.
5. If time wasn’t an issue what you would be doing on your blog/for your blog that you aren’t doing now? 
without a doubt, my focus would go to my photos.  i would find killer settings for each shot and take more time to get the perfect photos.  more time would also allow me to spend extra minutes perfecting outfits.  ah, i wish time wasn't an issue.

{image found here via here.}


an open letter.

   when i began blogging, more than a year ago, i never imagined the community that came along with having a personal style blog.  i am constantly inspired by the amazing women and men that take the time each and every day to spotlight the styles they wear and believe there is a certain confidence and positivity that come from these blogs.  it is in this vain that i am doing an editorial post tonight.
    today i found myself very disheartened by a publication that i have been a loyal reader of for more than ten years.  every month i look forward to the newest issue of glamour magazine, and i have to admit that reading it each month has become one of my guiltiest pleasures. today that changed for me.  the april issue, which features kate winslet on the cover, contained all of the pieces i look forward to each month; articles on powerful and stylish women.  at the end of the issue was an incredible piece entitled 'stop the bitch wars!' by sarah hepola.  the article discusses the way women tear one another down with gossip, bullying and general cattiness, and i found myself agreeing over and over again.  it then outlined five ways in which we can each take part in ending this terrible woman vs. woman culture.  i left the article feeling a sense of understanding about the things i do on a day-to-day basis that add to the mean-girl dynamic and felt that just realizing the issue was a big step in the right direction.
    so how could i possibly be upset after happily reading a great piece of writing?  well, my friends, just fourteen pages later is glamour's monthly feature, 'dos & don'ts.'  i usually give a quick glance to the final page, but today i found it ironic that just pages ago glamour talked about the terrible epidemic of women tearing women down and so quickly there are photos calling women fashion 'don'ts.' 
    i'm not sure how others feel about this feature, but today i have to say that i was repulsed.  worst of all is that these women don't realized they are being photographed. (don't get me started on summer issues with pictures of women in bathing suits...)  and sorry glamour, but the tiny black boxes you put over the eyes of these women do not at all camouflage them from the recognition of their sisters, friends or coworkers.  i thought of all the times i leave the house in an ensemble not ready for the runway.  the sick days.  the lazy days.  the days my heel breaks and i'm left wearing moccasins to walk home from the office.  should i be concerned that i may end up on the pages of a national publication because my outfit did not match up to the hollywood standards present throughout the magazine?
     blogging has proven to me that personal style is a point of view and everyone's point of view is incredibly different.   by deciding that all women must fit into the same style mold i think we only perpetuate the stereotype of women being catty, bitchy and cruel to one another.
     i wonder what others think of this.  considering the feature has been around for as long as i can remember, i assume it is popular and well-liked.  was i the only one who noticed the irony this month?  does anyone else find this a bit backwards?  i would absolutely love to hear your opinions! 

{image by found here via here.}