easter dressing.

wiley wears:

top: paul & joe for target
pants: modcloth
wedges: jeffrey campbell
  ever since the mention of spring i've been getting excited for easter.  my mom comes to the city for easter weekend and we always spend it relaxing, eating easter brunch with mimosas and watching girly movies.  i'm ecstatic at the thought and i have already begun planning outfits for the weekend.  when we were young, easter dresses were a big deal.  we would spend a full afternoon picking out frilly pastel dresses at our favorite local dress shop.  as i've gotten older, i still lean towards pastels and light shades for my easter wear and a little lace or a few bows don't hurt either.
     this outfit seems like an adult interpretation of easter wear.  the flowly lace top is a nice change from the tight black top i wore with these pants the first time i wore them, and i think it gives the pants a whole new life.  this was my first time breaking out my gray leather wedges this year, and i look forward to wearing them quite a bit more in the coming months. 
did you have a favorite childhood easter outfit?


  1. What memories we have of picking out Easter dresses and shoes to match. You were quite the fashionista, even back then :)

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