rustic overtones.

wiley wears:

top: uo
corduroys: j.crew
jacket: target
shoes: vintage dexters
      we had such a wonderful weekend. bowling friday for our friend john's birthday and the rest of the weekend at jeb's parents house.  last night we went for dinner and live music at an old inn in jeb's hometown and we had a great time.  i'll be honest here, i wore this outfit to bowl on friday, and again to go out last night.  different town, different people.  i get frustrated when i really like an outfit and only get to wear it for an hour or two, so i bit the bullet and re-wore this ensemble.  i found this peasant top shopping with my mom years ago and it's a piece i can't seem to part with.  i had never paired it with my mustard cords before, but i loved the rustic mix of colors and think it's a combination i will repeat again and again.  
     tonight jeb and i are heading to the brattle theater to hear henry rollins' spoken word.  this will be our second time seeing him, and i am really excited.  he has such a distinct point of view and his rants are often hysterical.  it's a fantastic way to end a relaxing weekend.
also, check me out in this month's n.e.e.t. magazine! (page 225)

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  1. Love this so much!
    Congrats on the magazine!!!
    xoxo Jenni