one if by land. two if by sea.


wiley wears:

cardigan: sundance (gift from maggie)
tee: american apparel
black jeans: bdg
boots: target
necklace: nomad
     this was one amazing weekend.  my childhood bestfriend, maggie, and her boyfriend, and my great friend, chris, were in town for lots of birthday celebrations.  we had a weekend filled with delicious food and cocktails, a couple of dive bars and a day filled with fun tourist attractions.  chris never had the chance to see all of the amazing history that boston has to offer, so all day yesterday we walked around the downtown area and showed him all the history that abounds.  the north end was a highlight for chris, and always has been for me.  i lived in the north end all through college and it was a unique opportunity for me to remember all of the things that made me fall in love with this city so many years ago.
    my 'wiley wears' photos were taken in front of paul revere's house, one of our many stops.  i wanted to be comfortable for a day of walking around, but knew i had to rock this sequined cardigan maggie brought me from chicago.  i wore it with a heathered gray tee, black skinny jeans, and my favorite suede boots.  i also wore my hamsa necklace from nomad to ward off the evil eye.  i have always had a fascination with the idea of the hamsa and i have to admit that i am always drawn to the beautiful designs and intricate details on each hamsa i have seen.  i found this necklace at nomad, one of my favorite shops in cambridge that features jewelry, clothing and art from all of the world.
i hope everyone had an amazing weekend and i would love to say a huge thank you to all of my amazing friends who made this a weekend to remember.  i love all of you!


cramming it all in.


wiley wears part one:

dress: h&m
blazer: old navy (hand-me-down from katie)
tights: uo
boots: thrifted
belt: uo

wiley wears part two:

shirt dress: uo
tights: uo
belt: vintage
shoes: vintage 80s ralph lauren
scarf: uo

     i don't have much time for a post, but wanted to keep you all in the loop.  unfortunately, jeb and i were so rushed last night that we again forgot flash, and in turn came out with more yellow photos.  i promise this will not happen again!  flash is open from now on! 
    my first outfit was what i wore to work.  a simple fitted magenta dress with a black blazer cinched at the waist.  it was basic, comfortable, and great for a day of running around.
    my second outfit was a soft cotton shirt dress with my beaded vintage belt, red tights, and these amazing vintage ralph lauren boots i found while thrifting in new hampshire.
    it is a hectic friday.  lots to plan for the coming weekend.  my childhood bestfriend is flying in from chicago with her incredibly handsome and fun boyfriend, for a weekend of celebration.  i will try to post outfits throughout the weekend.  as birthday week approaches you know these will be some fun outfits, folks!


happy birthday jeb.

just a quick happy birthday to the man who makes every day feel like saturday.

photo credit: lin simrell  photo editing credit: jillian hadad


soft and sweet.


wiley wears:

top: paul & joe for target
pants: gap
necklace: anthropologie
shoes: jeffrey campbell
    i wanted to wear something soft and girly today.  my mom bought me this shirt with a silk neckline and paisley pastel lace a little over a year ago and i have not goten enough wear out of it. it may be the most feminine piece in my closet and today was the perfect day to bring this out of the back of the racks.  i wanted to my entire outfit to complement the feminine style i was going for so i paired the shirt with light gray slacks and nude eyelet flats.  to add some jazz i wore one of my very favorite anthro necklaces.  i love the necklaces at anthropologie because they always have such intricate detailing and look like something straight off of my vintage wishlist.  i am currently in love with this beauty


sepia-toned lovin'


wiley wears:

top: uo
cardigan: uo
cashmere skirt: thrifted
tights: ae
boots: uo
     sorry for today's sepia-toned post.  not sure what caused the yellow lighting, but it goes perfectly with the idea of coloring i had for today.  i really love vintage-inspired shades of red and pink, so this outfit is a perfect combination of those earthy pink colors and vintage floral prints.  with thick knit tights and a soft cashmere skirt i was toasty and comfortable all day long.  realizing that the skirt and shirt were perfect companions was an exciting accident last friday.  i decided to save the outfit for this week, since i could wear my jeans on friday.  i have some exciting outfits planned for the coming birthday celebrations this week.

and for those of you out there who read my blog regularly...start following me with your google reader.  i would love to reach fifty followers by my twenty-fifth birthday and for fellow bloggers, i would love to be able to check out your own pages!

look at nighttime me.

wiley wears:

cardigan: j.crew
tank: guess
skirt: alloy
scarf: vintage (was my great grandmother's)
tights: h&m
boots: thrifted
  tonight i went to see ryan montbleau with jeb and his sister keen.  we had a really great time.  ryan montbleau is an awesome musician and it made monday something worth looking forward to.  i needed an outfit that could easily go from the office to a night out, so i chose a skirt with some body and a bright colored cardigan.  originally i wanted to wear the scarf in a tie-like fashion, attached to my sweater (as seen in the latest anthropologie catalog) but it was not working the way i wanted in the wee hours of the morning, so i threw it around my neck and called it a day.  i ended up really liking the look.  i felt like i was going to the sock hop, but in a more modern way.  i hope everyone is having a good beginning of the week.  only a couple of days to go...


the big bad beautiful.

{via weheartit}
sorry for the lack of posts this weekend.  we had an incredibly quiet weekend filled with wine, movies, yoga, reading and lots and lots of sleep.  wiley wears posts will begin again tomorrow. 
i hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


wiley goes west.


wiley wears:

top: ae
tank: splendid
jeans: paige
belt: h&m
boots: target
     every now and then i think a touch of western is okay.  i think this shirt works because the pastel colors and the white cuffs add a preppy touch to an otherwise casual shirt.  my favorite pair of trouser jeans with this camel colored leather braided belt was a great way to break up the outfit.  as usual, i wore my favorite cowboy boots to pull the whole western look together.  sorry for the short post, but i am off for a day of seeing old friends, going to an amazing gentle yoga class, and grabbing slices with friends.
i hope everyone is having a great weekend!




wiley wears:

top: anthropologie
skirt: american apparel
tights: h&m
boots: thrifted
     today i have to admit i felt quite marmish....is marmish even a word?  if not, i made it up, and it means i felt like i either belonged at a quilting bee or in a victorian novel.  it was defnitely the top that did it for me.  i loved this top when i found it.  the ruffles, the buttons, the combination of black and cream....all things that strike my fancy when shopping.  the top is very loose and i wanted to put it together with a tighter piece to balance out the outfit.  and then....in bigger news....ernst made his first cameo in the wiley wears photos.  he is extremely photogenic, but still a bit shy in front of the bright lights.


spruced up.


wiley wears:

dress: j. crew
cardigan: j. crew
tights: target
boots: thom browne
necklace: nomad
     this dress just gets worn, worn, and worn again.  with my student discount, i think i paid around sixty-five dollars for this at j.crew.  so i am down to less than ten dollars a wear, which i think is great.  i wanted to showcase the gorgeous neckline, but keep it warm and colorful with my emerald green cardigan.  a heavy brown beaded necklace and some patterned tights added a bit of playfulness to an otherwise basic outfit.  so basic, but one of my favorite outfits i have worn to work in awhile.  there cannot be anything better than feeling good for the whole day and into a night out with friends.
   tonight i went to a fundraiser/trivia event for the charter school my great friend meredith works for.  it was great having drinks, dinner and trivia with a big group of friends and knowing it was all supporting a great cause.  if you haven't heard of the boston collegiate charter school, and live in the area, you should check out their website.  such an amazing charter school... and 100% of their graduates have been accepted to college!  how amazing is that?!


i hope you voted, massachusetts.


wiley wears:

dress worn as top: madewell
skirt: gap
cardigan: j.crew
scarf: free people
tights: uo
boots: thom browne
    today was my monday, and on top of that, it was snowing/raining/wintry mixing all day.  needless to say it was difficult to wake up, difficult to get out the door, and even harder to sit behind a computer all day.  i loved this dress as a top, because the lilac silk immediately reminded me of blouses my mom wore in the 80s.  i bloused the top over the khaki skirt and added my free people scarf to pull together the lilac of the top and navy of the cardigan.  so tomorrow is already wednesday, which feels quite amazing, but i have to admit that i already wish it was friday.  i hope that all of you are having a great week.  i am off to cuddle ernst on the sofa and watch this politically race.  fingers crossed.


stay off the ice.



wiley wears (part one):

dress: uo
belt: forever 21
tights: target
shoes: uo

wiley wears (part two):

dress: rohit gandhi-rahul khanna
belt: vintage
tights: uo
shoes: uo
     this weekend was incredible!  sorry for the massive amount of photos, but i wanted to share some of the highlights along with my outfits.  i went to some vintage and antique shops, shopped for my sister's birthday, and spent every other moment celebrating the wedding of two amazing people.  kyle and sarah's wedding was spectacular; one of the most beautiful weddings i have ever been a part of. 
     the first dress was what i wore for the rehersal dinner.  i love the 80s print of the dress and wanted to enhance the full skirt so i paired it with this very fitted corset belt.
     the second outfit is what i wore to the wedding and reception.  it is a repeat of a dress i wore here, but this time i wore it inside out to showcase the gorgeous blue silk on the opposite side.  i thought the brown silk hanging from below the seam looked great and it was the ultimate dancing dress.
i hope everyone had a great weekend!

how sweet is this peach.

those outfielders better back on up.

      today is my little sister's birthday...well not too little, we are both the same age for the next couple of weeks.  paige, or peach as i like to call her, is the sweetest, funniest and wildest lady i know. she has been trying her hardest to get herself up on wilywiley, so i thought it important to show her in all of her glory...with this collector's edition softball card.
so happy birthday little lady. love you to the moon and back!


wish you were here.


wiley wears:

sweater: old navy
tee: american apparel
belt: vintage
corduroys: j.crew
boots: payless
   this has to be a quick post.  laying in our beautiful hotel room before we head off to the rehearsal dinner.  today jeb and i had an amazing lunch (i had some lobster mac n' cheese, my absolute favorite) and then we shopped around this little new england town.  we went to a huge country store and bought a bunch of pointless things we loved but don't need.  we thought this woodstack was the perfect backdrop for today's ensemble.  these j.crew ankle cords are new item in my wardrobe and cost me fourteen dollars! i am smitten over this color and love pairing them with ankle boots.  i threw on my thickest sweater thinking it would make me look more fit for the country conditions.  so now off for some fun...although i may have to quickly drive to this little vintage shop i saw on the way in first.


a sailor's moon.


wiley wears:

dress: uo
boyfriend sweater: gap
tights: h&m
moto boots: thrifted
    i adore everything about this dress; the drop waist, big bow, soft cotton...the list goes on.  i originally bought it for a night out on a friend's boat, as i find it important to dress for the occasion, mostly when the occasion is a nautical one.  the more i wear this dress the more i feel it might look more like a girl's school uniform from the twenties or thirties.  either or, i am still in love.  i wore thick wool tights and this great droopy boyfriend sweater to warm up the outfit and it all came together really well.  after wearing my moto boots yesterday and getting a few compliments, they seemed the most obvious choice for footwear today.  off to bed now, since jeb and i have an early morning of driving to new hampshire and having a lovely day together.  i am beyond excited for the next couple of days.
on another note, i never give much credit to my fabulous photographer, but about 98% of my "wily wears" photos are taken by my amazing boyfriend jeb.  although i must say, he was not enthusiastic about sneaking into the backroom of the restaurant we ate dinner at with his parents tonight to snap these shots.  but all that aside, he is a great sport and i love him for it!


skinny love.


wiley wears:

blazer: uo
dress: uo
tights: uo
belt: uo
boots: thom browne
    thank the lord my boots were not from urban outfitters, otherwise i would have thought i had a problem. i do love urban and i often tend to throw together outfits comprised of pieces from multiple years and seasons.  this outfit for example is a summer dress from two years ago paired with my "miami vice" blazer from this winter.  isn't it just so miami vice?  i roll the sleeves to heighten the 80s feel.  unfortunately this outfit was not as warm as i had imagined it this morning.  the dress is quite thin and paired over non-wool tights, it just did not do the trick.  lesson learned.  tomorrow is my last day of work for the week before jeb and i head to lake winnipesaukee for the weekend.  we are spending friday shopping in the town (they have an amazing general store) and then head to the amazing inn for the rest of the weekend for our great friends' wedding.  i have some very exciting outfits all laid out to get me pysched for this weekend away!  luckily the hotel has wi-fi, so i should be able to keep my 'wiley wears' posts happening throughout the weekend's events.  fingers crossed.
p.s. if you haven't yet listened to bon iver...listen!
and if you listen, listen to "skinny love."  i am obsessed!


hello moto.


wiley wears:

sweater: kensie
tank: american apparel
skirt: zara
belt: vintage
tights: target
boots: thrifted
     today i wanted to wear something layered; warmth being of the highest importance.  this kensie sweater is perfect for a bone-chilling day like today, it is large and soft and it's nude shade goes with just about anything.  i wanted to put it over an all black outfit to lighten up my look and keep it from looking too dark.  i cinched my favorite vintage beaded belt around the waist, to keep the sweater from looking shapeless and decided to wear my old thrifted moto boots.  i saw these boots and immediately fell in love.  they were my first foray in wearing second-hand shoes, which is something i never thought i would do.  as time has gone by i have realized that shoes are some of the best finds in thrift and vintage stores.  these boots looked to have only been worn once or twice!  i am in the market for a pair of vintage brown, black or gray oxfords.  if anyone has any ideas i would love to hear them!

a bit of inspiration.

abby try again

all of these photographs are available in abby try again's shop
     abby lives in portland, oregon and takes some of the most gorgeous photos!  my friend caroline at poppy and leo introduced me to abby's work a few months ago and i have not been able to stop swooning over it.  i especially love her photographs of textiles.  the top photo is one that is on my birthday wishlist!  i love the way these photographs inspire me to focus on new color palettes and i cannot help but wish i were a part of abby's world where slips, lace and ruffles are an every day occurrence.  abby has inspired me to wear something ladylike and lacy tomorrow.  please go check out all the fabulous photographs in her store!


work the work wear.

wiley wears:

cardigan: hand-me-down from caroline
button up: target
khakis: gap
tights: uo
shoes: tjmaxx
     i have to admit that i never thought i would find myself spending my days in an office, much less in an office with a pretty classy dress code.  it may not be the dress code, but more the fact that i work with some classy and polished people.  i find myself struggling to fit the mold to some extent while staying true to my own personal style.  it has been a challenge and a struggle to figure out a way to juxtapose my creativity and funky style with a professional office dress code.  today i tried to push the envelope a bit with an outfit that's basics were all preppy to the max.  i rolled the cuffs of my khakis up just a bit to reveal some lacy brown tights and then added my favorite suede heeled oxfords.  i also tried to play around with the neckline of my button up.  i recently saw in a j.crew catalog a beautiful model with a gorgeous bib necklace fastened over the top button of her collar; so today i gave that a try.  it really is a way to spice up a normal everyday button up.  i think i have realized that dress pants are the most difficult to add a stylish flare to.  i would love to hear some ideas from any of you fashionable beings out there.


love equals ernst.

    love equals life
     i walk past this little piece of spray painted art on an almost weekly basis.  most sundays i like to put my ipod on and walk to the grocery store on my own.  i really enjoy having the time to myself, to reflect on the past week, and think about the week coming up. so each week i pass this on the way home and i always stop for a second and smile.  the scenery is by no means beautiful and even the spray paint is not done very well, but the message make you immediately forget all of that.  today i decided to stop, put down my groceries, and snap a quick photo.
   on today's occasion, as i walked by, my ipod began playing explosions in the sky's "your hand in mine."  this song always makes me think of jeb and everything i love about him, so i thought it was a sign that it played at the same moment i came across these words.  in the end it's really all that matters.
  so speaking of love.....introducing our new love, ernst:

he is so sweet and affectionate.  i have spent most of my weekend curled up on the sofa with him.
oh, will it be hard to go to work tomorrow.