it's all because of you.


wiley wears:

shirt dress: larkk & wolf
denim leggings: target
belt: vintage
pashmina: h&m
boots: target
    new years day is usually one spent indoors in my warmest pajamas, but this year i wanted to make sure that jill got to celebrate her birthday the full day through, so at around ten pm i decided to get up and dressed to go out with jill for some final birthday libations.  in need of some inspiration, and groggy from a full day of napping, i looked to some of my favorite bloggers.  i decided to try the scarf belted like a pinafore look.  i had seen this on so many of the blogs that i love of late and thought it was high time i try it myself.  for a casual night on the town this was the perfect way to dress up a basic blue men's shirt and leggings.  this pashmina was made to be shown off, so this was the perfect way to display all of the gorgeous colors and patterns.  so thank you to all those bloggers who came before me and gave this look a try. it is so very awesome to read all of the daily blogs i love and to be able to translate some of the ideas into my own personal style.
as for the photos, bare with me while i figure out the workings of my new camera.
the snow was also not helpful....but gorgeous nonetheless. 


  1. Happy New Year! I really like what you did with your scarf- very creative!

  2. Happy New Year! That is my new favorite way to wear a scarf and I love all the colors in yours. Adorable pictures too!



  3. Ooh, I love that scarf. You look great! Happy new year and hope we can all get together again sometime soon!