wouldn't it be loverly?


wiley wears:

top: patrick robinson for target
vest: uo
jeans: bdg
boots: target
     you have got to love jeans on a friday.  my office is quite dressy, but it is always nice to wake up friday morning and throw on a comfortable pair of jeans for the day.  i am sure this is not the first white button up i have posted pictures of due to the fact that i had an unhealthy obsession with white button ups for about two years.  i think it has a lot to do with the fact that i have another unhealthy obsession....audrey hepburn.  i have been in love since i saw 'my fair lady' with my mom when i was a little girl.  audrey always had this way of making a white button down look so classic and flawless.  so for a couple of years i hoarded every white button down i could find, and every now and then i still find one and have to have it.  this specific button down feels very 1960s.  you cannot see from the pictures, but it is flowy and blouses out all over the place.  paired with the vest i felt like i belonged in san francisco in the 60s, the suede cowboy boots really did not help that look either, but with skinny jeans i think the outfit was a bit modernized. 
   i also got a little feature on haute boston, so go check it out! great way to start my weekend!
off to pick up ernst! hopefully all goes well and the little guy is our perfect feline match.


  1. Congratulations on being featured- that is SO awesome!!!

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!



  2. Way to go famous girl!

  3. i like your shoes!

    they are lovely.

    much greetings from germany.