soft and sweet.


wiley wears:

top: paul & joe for target
pants: gap
necklace: anthropologie
shoes: jeffrey campbell
    i wanted to wear something soft and girly today.  my mom bought me this shirt with a silk neckline and paisley pastel lace a little over a year ago and i have not goten enough wear out of it. it may be the most feminine piece in my closet and today was the perfect day to bring this out of the back of the racks.  i wanted to my entire outfit to complement the feminine style i was going for so i paired the shirt with light gray slacks and nude eyelet flats.  to add some jazz i wore one of my very favorite anthro necklaces.  i love the necklaces at anthropologie because they always have such intricate detailing and look like something straight off of my vintage wishlist.  i am currently in love with this beauty

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  1. it was so nice seeing you the other night! sorry i didn't have time to stay and talk longer, we should hang out in real life sometime! youre so brave and awesome for introducing yourself, i'd be so nervous! <3