spring inspiration: part three.

wiley wears:

tank: l.a. made
cardigan: gap
skirt: gap
tights: target
necklace: nomad
anorak: f21
shoes: vintage dexters
   today i took the challenge of wearing orange.  this deep shade of orange is one of the only i can get away with.  typically most shades of orange just drown out my pale complexion, but when i saw this tank i thought i would give it a try.  it's sad, because i do really like the color orange but my inability to wear it has put it at the bottom of my list of favorite colors.  when paige sent this picture of these gorgeously vibrant orange orchids i figured i would attempt to recreate the color scheme.  i chose to use the orange for just a pop of color and surrounded the tank with tans and browns.  
   i met jill for a late afternoon walk and coffee and she took some shots in the park along commonwealth avenue (one of my favorite spots downtown).  i wish i could have a coffee with someone i love everyday.  it really is the best way to put that pile of work on my desk back in perspective and get hit with a little fresh air.


some spring inspiration: part two.

wiley wears:

top: gap
cardigan: j.crew
scarf: h&m
khakis: gap
     it is so much fun in the morning to get dressed in something bright and fun and to have a piece of inspiration to work off of.  in all of the pictures that paige sent me this combination of magenta and yellow was my favorite.  not typically two colors i would pair together, i was a little apprehensive, but i have to say, nature doesn't make mistakes.  the combination of colors was gorgeous and with the pashmina to accent the top and cardigan i think it made sense in the end.  tomorrow i am leaving my color comfort zone and wearing one of the most challenging colors (at least for my pasty skin and freckles).
p.s. jeb took some photos of me cooking our asian stir-fry tonight, hense the second photo.

the xx.

just got tickets to see the xx this friday!
if you haven't given them a listen...go now!
i highly recommend 'islands'


some spring inspiration: part one.

wiley wears:

tunic worn as top: gap
skirt: ben sherman
tights: target
shoes: tjmaxx
       a couple of weeks ago my mom and younger sister went to the annual philadelphia flower show.  paige knew i had been in a fashion funk and was wearing far too many neutrals for my typical taste, so she thought it would be great for me to get my fashion mojo back by taking some photographs of gorgeous spring blooms.  paige became my mom's photography assistant as soon as my mom heard of our plan.  so for the next few days i have picked outfits based on the bright colors and soft textures of the beautiful flowers at the philadelphia flower show.
    today i decided to base my color scheme off of this gorgeous lily.  i was playing with the ideas of mixing the lime green and deep magenta with brown accents, but had a lot of trouble finding a color scheme that would work together.  and then, like a message from the gods, i came across this tunic i bought in highschool...all the way at the back of my closet.  the colors were perfect!  i bought this tunic years ago; back when tunics were all the rage.  even when the trend came to an end, i couldn't part with this gorgeous pattern and knew that one day, she would resurface in all her glory.  so today was my tunic's day.  i knew i needed to keep my lower half simple since i had quite a boisterous pattern happening on top.  i decided on my high-wasited ben sherman skirt and a lighter shade of brown tights.  even though this dreary rainy monday made part of me feel like crawling under my desk, wearing this vibrantly patterned top lifted my spirits and forced me to remember that warm spring weather is so very close.
special thinks to mimzy and peach.
also. apologies for my messy hair style.  that wind and rain will ravage you.
stay tuned for tomorrow's part two.


ding dong, the witch is dead.

wiley wears:

anorak: f21
flannel: vintage levi's
vest: l.a. made
jeans: bdg
boots: target
  today caroline, of poppy and leo, went for a little morning jaunt to salem, mass.  we ate a delicious breakfast and then walked around the town, stopping in every vintage and antique shop along the way. we both had some amazing finds, including the gorgeous blue vintage overnight bag care purchased.  i wanted something comfortable for the journey.  my high-waisted jeans and flannel were obvious choices (as you've probably noticed, i wear this shirt a lot).  going with a menswear vibe, i buttoned my navy cotton vest over the flannel and wore my brown anorak for some warmth.
   well this amazing weekend is almost at an end.
so off to spend my evening with my two main men.

decisions, decisions.

wiley wears:

trench: gap
tee: uo
skirt: alloy
tights: uo
t-straps: uo
scarf: free people
     okay so this has officially never happened before...i had too many pictures that i loved.  jill and mandy make one serious photography team.  jill to take photos, and mandy to make me laugh hysterically the whole time.  jill and i took mandy prom dress shopping yesterday.  so much fun, but jill and i quickly realized that we are too old to be upright and walking around for more than a few hours at a time.
      we took these photos outside the boston public library and the sun was glorious.  i wore this fun new pair of blue tights and was excited to mix some prints and patterns.  with my black and white striped tee and floral scarf i think everything fell together pretty easily.  my chocolate brown trench was perfect for bringing the whole outfit together.  undeniably chic.  a really great saturday with some of my favorite people!


interwebs inspiration.

 {image via weheartit}

happy weekend my loves!
i will have some 'wiley wears' posts coming soon,
but thought i'd show you some of my very favorite outfits this week, 
put together by some of my very favorite bloggers:
1. kyla's fabulous outfit inspired by diane keaton
2. julie's silk shirt leaves me green with envy
3. kendie's playful mix of prints and colors
4. jessica's chic rainy day ensemble. i love that umbrella!
5. and finally, i love the way cocorosa mixed feminine pieces with this army jacket



anchors away.

wiley wears:

dress worn as skirt: h&m
sweater: proenza schouler for target
tights: uo
boots: uo
     taking the nautical theme to a whole new level, i decided to pair two of my most sailor-like pieces.  it is difficult to wear a white dress this early in the year without looking like you are dressed for the wrong season.  i think the navy sweater helped to keep the outfit seasonal and i like the mix of patterns. this sundress from h&m has navy polka dots and red anchors dotted all over it and i just could not wait to put it on this spring.  and guess what?  it may be cold, but it is officially spring!  it's actually snowing out right now, but don't you worry...i am dressed appropriately for the weather.  no sundresses today.
happy friday!


sarah seven.

{all images via sarah seven}
if you have not heard of sarah seven yet,
you should definitely head on over to her website.
in shopping for a few dresses for some summer weddings coming up,
i have found myself drawn back, over and over again, to sarah seven's shop. 
her dresses are perfectly vintage-inspired and feminine. 
with gorgeous fabrics, ruffles and sweetheart cuts,
i just cannot help but covet one of these gorgeous dresses.


abstract state of mind.

wiley wears:

top: banana republic
cardigan: kensie
cigarette pants: gap
boots: thrifted
headband: h&m
      lots of black has been coming out of my wardrobe lately, which is kind of funny, considering i own very little of it.  this silk shirt from banana is one of my most beloved tops.  i love the abstract print and feel it isn't too outrageous for the office.  i was expecting another dreary day today, so i put on my kicking-around boots, but in the end, the sun shined all day long.  should've worn those wedges i had planned on.  running out of the house quickly in the morning usually turns into me grabbing a bunch of accessories, throwing them in my purse and then picking a few from the bag on my way to the train.  this morning this headband made it into my tote and i think it worked perfectly with the outfit.
   i had an epiphany today, wardrobe-wise, and am really, really, really excited for the outfit i have planned for tomorrow.  also, i have a little series coming up next week.  very springy and colorful!
and....congratulations tanya!  i am so excited to meet this beautiful little lady!

cannot wait for grass stains.

 {images via weheartit}
dreaming of green grass and all that comes along with it.


dream weaver.

wiley wears:

dress: j.crew
cardigan: f21
belt: anthropologie
tights: banana republic
boots: jeffrey campbell
     it seems there were no smiles to be found in this group of photos.  well, there were a few, but they were full of those weird/creepy smiles that happen now and then.  i thought i would just stick with my grumpy looking pictures...although, i think i'm "smiling with my eyes" in the first picture. (that's for you paige).  anyway.  this dress has proven to be so incredibly versatile.  it is quickly becoming a staple in my wardrobe.  today i wore my new f21 navy cardigan and my beaded wooden belt for some color.  i also wore these awesome tights.  i had never worn them before, and in the package they did not look nearly this cool.  my day started with a smile the moment i put them on and saw the wide argyle pattern.  so that explains my can-can pose in the top photo....just thought you all might want a better look.  
   in other news, i have been having some vivid and intense dreams lately.  i like to look up the meanings of my dreams each morning and it seems like something big is about to change.  i keep wondering what that might be.  who knows though?  maybe a big change will only come because i believe it will.  ugh, and i am babbling.  just something i've been thinking about recently.
off to bed.
sweet dreams my lovely readers.


the lbd.

wiley wears:

dress: gap
tights: target
necklace: anthropologie
flats: thom browne
     this simple black dress was perfect for another of my moody dreay mondays.  actually, my monday was pretty good.  and now off for a night of relaxation, pizza and gossip girl.  but, back to the dress.  i found this last spring at the gap and fell in love with the simple seventies vibe of the dress.  i love short dresses with long sleeves.  these bell sleeves add the perfect bit of detail to keep the outfit interesting.  i wore one of my favorite pieces of statement jewlery and love all the gold details on the otherwise all black ensemble.  just goes to show that the little black dress can be just as perfect for a day in the office as it is for a night on the town.


a jumpsuit and hypocrisy?

wiley wears:

jumpsuit: f21
cardigan: f21
belt: f21
t-straps: urban
      it's official, my obsession with rompers needs to stop!  i love them a little too much and i truly believe there will come a time, sadly, when rompers go out of style as quickly as they came back in.  don't get me wrong, i will be rocking my rompers admittedly, past their sell-by date because i just can't help myself.  so in preparation for the day the romper dies, i bought a jumpsuit! ha!  i know, i know. they are pretty much the same things.  but helloooo, how cute is this jersey strapless jumpsuit?  of course i had to put it on as soon as i walked out of the store and then continue to wear it for the next ten hours. (much to jeb's dismay).  me and this romper...we're goin' places.  i have so many ideas! ugh, don't you love when that happens!?
  in other news, has anyone noticed that there is a Bible verse on the bottom of the forever21 bags.  found this strangely hypocritical, considering they sell fourteen year old girls booty shorts and tube tops.  i mean, i love f21, and you can find a lot of amazing pieces for great prices, but you can also find some veerrrry revealing stuff (usually these items are being ripped out of your hands by a tween).  interested in hearing others' opinions on this one.  but enough babble.  off to bed.  dreading the start of a rainy cold monday morning.
but every week is another chance for great things to happen!
so stay positive my loves.

view from the outside.

wiley wears:

top: uo
jeans: bdg
scarf: free people
flats: jeffrey campbell
    after having to spend a beautiful spring day indoors, i tried to make the most of this gorgeous weather.  yesterday i ran some errands and then headed to jeb's hometown to relax with his family.  i love soft cotton tees with fun details.  it makes it simple to put something simple on and still look put together.  this heathered gray tee with structured shoulders was the perfect top for lounging around while still looking put together.  i tied one of my favorite scarfs in a bow and wore my dark wash cigarette jeans and nude flats.  overall, a comfortable ensemble that felt more chic than sweats.


and it carries over.

wiley wears:

cardigan: j.crew
top: gap
khakis: gap
belt: vintage
dexters: vintage
     i guess i just could not let go of my st. patrick's day spirit.  i knew i had been wanting to wear this combination for quite awhile, and this morning decidedly became the day of it's unveiling.  i love the combination of this bright cardigan over a nautical striped shirt and comfy khakis.  with my dexters and belt in a bright caramel colored leather, i felt pretty and preppy today.  looking forward to another day of warm sunshine and bright colors tomorrow.

henry rollins.

{image via weheartit}
sorry for the lack of an outfit post.
jeb and i went to see henry rollins last night.  which was amazing.
but never found the time to take some photos.
wiley wears post to come later this evening.
happy thursday!


silence is golden.

wiley wears:

top: gap
skirt: nomad
tights: uo
boots: uo
i always hear varying things.  readers who love to just look at the outfits and mostly ignore my text.
and readers who enjoy reading all my witty quips more than viewing the photos.
so today i apologize to those who like my witty quips. 
and congratulations to those of you who prefer i stay quiet.
(on the topic of clothing though...i feel i resemble a small dutch child in these photos.)


wiley in wonderland.

wiley wears:

dress: vintage
belt: h&m
tights: anthropologie
dexters: vintage
headband: f21
     lately i have noticed some of my favorite bloggers posting ensembles inspired by 'alice in wonderland.'  well folks, i finally saw the movie yesterday and was definitely inspired by alice's stellar costuming.  admittedly, i didn't really think about that this morning...i guess subconsciously i did.  i found this amazing vintage 50s dress in a small vintage shop in portmouth and love the citrusy shades.  much brighter than my typical monday wears.  i fell for the pleating of the skirt.  anything that takes me back to my childhood is always welcomed in my closet.  so today i took that idea all the way.  off-white tights with flcks of color, a bright flirty dress and a headband with a big bow.  i loved feeling girly and cute for the day!  as for tomorrow...bring on the sunshine!
    off for some appetizers and wine with two ladies i have been missing a lot.  i am baking brie and raspberry preserves inside puff pastry.  yuuuuuum!