flashback to school photos.


wiley wears:

denim top: thrifted
belt: uo
scarf: old navy
skirt: uo
tights: target
boots: thrifted
     tonight's photo shoot was a lot of fun!  i went out with one of my very best friends, caroline, after work and she made taking pictures hysterical.  i thought i would include some of the shots that really made me laugh.  today i decided to try out this whole demin shirt trend.  i had some rough memories of denim shirts.  anyone who knows me well has seen "that" school photo.  yes the one where i had a bowl cut, big glasses, dangly cat earrings and a denim button-up...buttoned to the very top button.  it was horrible!  i still don't know how my mother let me leave the house looking like that on picture day! (thanks mom!)  when i started seeing denim shirts coming back i thought for sure it was a trend i would avoid.  but then i decided i needed to do something that scared me.  and this is it!  i actually liked the way it turned out.  and finding a denim button-up for three dollars didn't hurt.  i wanted to pair it with a skirt that was soft and feminine, and this silk scarf skirt was the perfect juxtaposition against the more masculine denim top.  overall, very happy with today's outfit and i think i have a place in my wardrobe for a denim button-up again. (it only took fifteen years.)


  1. man, i am such a good photographer...haha! i love you and your outfit. spin for me! :)

  2. Oh how I loved that school photo :) LOVE YOU, CALL ME PLEASE!