a jumpsuit and hypocrisy?

wiley wears:

jumpsuit: f21
cardigan: f21
belt: f21
t-straps: urban
      it's official, my obsession with rompers needs to stop!  i love them a little too much and i truly believe there will come a time, sadly, when rompers go out of style as quickly as they came back in.  don't get me wrong, i will be rocking my rompers admittedly, past their sell-by date because i just can't help myself.  so in preparation for the day the romper dies, i bought a jumpsuit! ha!  i know, i know. they are pretty much the same things.  but helloooo, how cute is this jersey strapless jumpsuit?  of course i had to put it on as soon as i walked out of the store and then continue to wear it for the next ten hours. (much to jeb's dismay).  me and this romper...we're goin' places.  i have so many ideas! ugh, don't you love when that happens!?
  in other news, has anyone noticed that there is a Bible verse on the bottom of the forever21 bags.  found this strangely hypocritical, considering they sell fourteen year old girls booty shorts and tube tops.  i mean, i love f21, and you can find a lot of amazing pieces for great prices, but you can also find some veerrrry revealing stuff (usually these items are being ripped out of your hands by a tween).  interested in hearing others' opinions on this one.  but enough babble.  off to bed.  dreading the start of a rainy cold monday morning.
but every week is another chance for great things to happen!
so stay positive my loves.


  1. Oh my gosh! This is awesome! I need to go find one of these immediately.

    Loving your blog!

  2. I love the deep blue of this cardigan... it goes so well with the color of the romper!