wiley in wonderland.

wiley wears:

dress: vintage
belt: h&m
tights: anthropologie
dexters: vintage
headband: f21
     lately i have noticed some of my favorite bloggers posting ensembles inspired by 'alice in wonderland.'  well folks, i finally saw the movie yesterday and was definitely inspired by alice's stellar costuming.  admittedly, i didn't really think about that this morning...i guess subconsciously i did.  i found this amazing vintage 50s dress in a small vintage shop in portmouth and love the citrusy shades.  much brighter than my typical monday wears.  i fell for the pleating of the skirt.  anything that takes me back to my childhood is always welcomed in my closet.  so today i took that idea all the way.  off-white tights with flcks of color, a bright flirty dress and a headband with a big bow.  i loved feeling girly and cute for the day!  as for tomorrow...bring on the sunshine!
    off for some appetizers and wine with two ladies i have been missing a lot.  i am baking brie and raspberry preserves inside puff pastry.  yuuuuuum!


  1. LOVE the dress! I love the fabric, the color, the print, the button...everything!

  2. That dress is awesome. It'd go great with a blue cardigan.

  3. You look so cute and girly! I Love the dress!

  4. I love that dress and I'm quite envious of the baked bried and raspberry puff pastry you are having with your girlfriends! I'll be so glad when finals are over and I'll be able to celebrate with such a sophisticated treat!