decisions, decisions.

wiley wears:

trench: gap
tee: uo
skirt: alloy
tights: uo
t-straps: uo
scarf: free people
     okay so this has officially never happened before...i had too many pictures that i loved.  jill and mandy make one serious photography team.  jill to take photos, and mandy to make me laugh hysterically the whole time.  jill and i took mandy prom dress shopping yesterday.  so much fun, but jill and i quickly realized that we are too old to be upright and walking around for more than a few hours at a time.
      we took these photos outside the boston public library and the sun was glorious.  i wore this fun new pair of blue tights and was excited to mix some prints and patterns.  with my black and white striped tee and floral scarf i think everything fell together pretty easily.  my chocolate brown trench was perfect for bringing the whole outfit together.  undeniably chic.  a really great saturday with some of my favorite people!

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