some spring inspiration: part one.

wiley wears:

tunic worn as top: gap
skirt: ben sherman
tights: target
shoes: tjmaxx
       a couple of weeks ago my mom and younger sister went to the annual philadelphia flower show.  paige knew i had been in a fashion funk and was wearing far too many neutrals for my typical taste, so she thought it would be great for me to get my fashion mojo back by taking some photographs of gorgeous spring blooms.  paige became my mom's photography assistant as soon as my mom heard of our plan.  so for the next few days i have picked outfits based on the bright colors and soft textures of the beautiful flowers at the philadelphia flower show.
    today i decided to base my color scheme off of this gorgeous lily.  i was playing with the ideas of mixing the lime green and deep magenta with brown accents, but had a lot of trouble finding a color scheme that would work together.  and then, like a message from the gods, i came across this tunic i bought in highschool...all the way at the back of my closet.  the colors were perfect!  i bought this tunic years ago; back when tunics were all the rage.  even when the trend came to an end, i couldn't part with this gorgeous pattern and knew that one day, she would resurface in all her glory.  so today was my tunic's day.  i knew i needed to keep my lower half simple since i had quite a boisterous pattern happening on top.  i decided on my high-wasited ben sherman skirt and a lighter shade of brown tights.  even though this dreary rainy monday made part of me feel like crawling under my desk, wearing this vibrantly patterned top lifted my spirits and forced me to remember that warm spring weather is so very close.
special thinks to mimzy and peach.
also. apologies for my messy hair style.  that wind and rain will ravage you.
stay tuned for tomorrow's part two.

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  1. I still have my shirt that looks like this one too! I also still love mine :)