official date night 2010.

wiley wears:

top: anthropologie
skirt: gap
belt: uo
t-straps: uo
     tonight jeb and i made it an 'official date night.'  we met after work and did a little bit of shopping, then headed to the park in harvard square for photos and ended our evening sitting at an actual table and eating an incredible dinner.  i had to laugh, since our cat, ernst, honestly had no idea what we were doing sitting at a table eating dinner.  he looked very confused.
     i guess you can talk a man into an old-fashioned date night, but you cannot make him realize there is a big smudge on the camera lens.  (just kidding, jeb.)  so i kept the photos a little smaller, since it's mostly the top half that goes a bit blurry.  on these 90 degree days i always look for something flowy to keep me cool.  this linen printed skirt is always a go-to hot weather piece and paired with a black top, belt and shoes i was ready to take on the heat and enjoy my evening.

happy moving.

if you live in boston then you know that this week is absolute insanity with moving galore.  i wanted to wish all of my friends who are starting new journeys and moving into new spaces a happy move-in!  cannot wait for lots of apartment/condo-warming parties this fall!

{image via weheartit}


no shoes, no problem.

wiley wears:

skirt worn as dress: vintage
belt: anthroplogie
sunnies: beach shop
     we had such a wonderful weekend away with our friends in new hampshire.  last night we had an insane seafood feast and today we cleaned up what happens after a large group of people eat such masses of incredible food.  we spent the weekend gabbing, eating and boogie boarding.  i have to say that monday is coming far too soon and i think i need a vacation after our vacation.  luckily, jeb and i head back to new hampshire next friday for a much-needed three day weekend with the fam.  
     onto the photos...jill and i went off to the beach and had a bunch of fun prancing around after one or two margaritas.  she was, as always, a fabulous friend and took about fifty photos of me running back and forth.  all in good fun.  this outfit, which i have worn before, was perfect for a day at the beach.  my favorite beaded anthro belt keeps the look from being too country-girl and gives a much needed pop of color.  bare feet were a necessity for the entirety of the weekend. (except for our morning coffee runs, of course. no shoes, no service.)
i hope everyone has a wonderful start to their week.


happy weekend.

jeb and i are off to new hampshire for a weekend of ridiculous fun with a group of our close friends.  i can promise a fun update come sunday evening.  i hope you all get out there and enjoy the fabulous weather we will be having this weekend! (at least in new england.)
much love!



wiley wears:

dress: j.crew
cardigan: j.crew
belt: vintage
wedges: old navy
sunnies: rayban
     another example of how layering on a bunch of your favorite things can create a perfect outfit.  all of these items have been featured on my blog time after time, but with a nine-to-five job it is essential to find staples that can be worn over and over again.  i am really working on building a wardrobe in the coming months that has items that can be worn in the office and outside of work.  both this cardigan and dress are perfect examples of those types items.  i really need to do a big edit of my closet, but the end of summer is just bringing far too many fun activities.  jeb and i are off to new hampshire tomorrow after work with a group of our closest friends and i honestly cannot wait for a weekend at the beach with so many people i love.
what are your staples?


the sun'll come out tomorrow.

wiley wears:

dress: converse
wellies: hunter
     on the third day of chilly temperatures and excessive precipitation i chose to do the simple thing and wear a dress that doesn't need any accessories.  the buttons, pockets and sweet bow are enough to make this navy dress stand out.  i love the shape it creates with the contrast of the fitted tee top and the loose and structured linen-like material on bottom.  wellies were an absolute must, no questions asked!  i promise exciting and thoughtful outfits coming in the next few days with outdoor shots to boot.
sunshine tomorrow...i just know it!



while i know that many of you "summer people" out there will not like what i have to say here, i'm going to say it anyway.  i love autumn!  and i think we are very very close and these last few days are making me think it is right around the corner.  there are just so many wonderful things about the fall, mostly living in boston.  walks through gorgeous parks, hot apple cider and lots of snuggling up in our candlelit living room.  
what this really means is that i may be getting my short bangs back at the end of next week.  i think i can make it through a week or two of heat with my new bangs and i just cannot wait any longer.

{images via weheartit}


the layered look.

wiley wears:

tank: af
button-up: ae
cardigan: j.crew
khakis: gap
shoes: vintage dexters
     i wore this outfit to work last friday.  glad i saved the pictures since this rainy windy evening was not a good one at all for photographs.  caroline, of poppy and leo, and i went to dinner last friday at one of our favorite spots on beacon hill and we took these after dinner and drinks.  i have been really inspired by the layered looks showing up everywhere for the fall and thought i would give it a try.  i used a white linen tank as a base and then wore an open gingham button-up and topped it off with my sunniest cardigan.  sadly, the weather was quite warm to be wearing four shirts, but i made it work throughout the day by staying indoors.  to make sure my outfit looked weather-appropriate i decided to roll up my khakis and stick with a bright color pallate.


my perfect day.

wiley wears:

jumpsuit: f21
scarf: vintage
purse: vintage coach
bangles: nomad
sandals: rainbow
     this was the perfect outfit for a date night with jeb. and as most of you may know, i am o-b-obsessed with this jumpsuit!  the weather was overcast and cool, so long pants were perfect for dinner at our favorite barbeque spot and then an outdoor party later in the evening.  i kept it very simple with no jewlery other than two brightly colored bangles and my favorite vintage floral scarf to tie up messy hair.  i have spent my sunday being super productive and doing a crazy clean of my apartment, baking and now am off to cook a delicious feast of crab cakes and flounder.  i hope you all had a lovely weekend and an even better week ahead.


the bow tie.

the female interpretation of the bow tie has been a recent favorite of mine in lookbooks and magazines alike.  pairing a basic black bow tie with a floral printed top is such a great juxtapotion of masculine and feminine and plays off of that annie-hallesque style i so adore.  i also like the more feminine bowties on a classic white button down.  i am picturing my future bow tie going just perfectly with those oliver peoples sheldrake frames i have been eyeing. 

{all images via weheartit}



wiley wears:

dress: j.crew
cardigan: ae
necklace: j.crew
flats: gap
     some seriously washed-out photos.  i am so frustrated with my camera right now that i could scream!  recently some of my normal settings were changed and now the pictures come out blurry and i always seem out of focus.  this weekend will call for some experimentation to get back to my normal settings.  i promise there are better photos to come.  my faces in most of the above photos are laughable, but these were the best shots of the bunch to show what i was wearing.  i went with my go-to cotton dress today and paired it with this periwinkle cardigan that i have had since probably ninth grade.  it has just softened over the years and become even more perfect.  i added some sparkle with a new necklace from j.crew and went with basic brown flats to give my feet a break from heels this week.  it is really difficult for me to decide how i like to wear this dress best.  it really goes from day to night perfectly and has worked for so many occasions.  i recently saw that j.crew is selling the same style in black and lilac and think i might need both!
    thank god it's friday tomorrow, because i am utterly exhausted from all the anxiety and excitement of my first week of work.  looking forward to a fabulous dinner with caroline, of poppy and leo tomorrow night!


girl friday.

wiley wears:

top: old navy
skirt: j.crew
necklace: beach shop
wedges: old navy
     as promised, one of my new work ensembles.  i am loving that pencil skirts are showing up in every magazine featuring fall fashion and cannot wait to winterize them with tights and boots.  i thought this printed skirt with browns, mustards and peaches, would look great paired with a basic chambray button-up.  the contrast of something so fitted and feminine with something looser with a masculine edge was the perfect combination.  when wearing pieces that are deemed more masculine i like to add girly details on top and bottom.  my new beaded necklace helped feminize the outfit, while the pink beads also brought out the peach tones in the skirt.  since i missed my first two days of outfit photos this week i plan on doing a few shoots this weekend since both are new favorites.  so a whole lot to catch up on the blog, but for now, focus is on my new job. (which, for those asking, is going just swell.)


this ain't no disco.


wiley wears:

top: h&m
cardigan: kensie
shorts: f21
sneakers: chuck taylors
     i cannot seem to get a good set of photographs of this striped tee.  my camera always distorts the stripes and makes them look psychedelic.  i can tell you with complete honesty that this shirt is actually quite adorable and the breton stripes are perfectly in line.  i wore this outfit for a walk along the beach with jeb and thought that a patriotic/nautical look would be essential for the setting.  my tan chucks were completely fitting for the combination of an all-american-by-the-sea look.  tomorrow i will be back with normal postings of my first week of new job ensembles.  very exciting stuff happening in all facets of my life and i am feeeeeeeeeling good!


just a dress will do.

wiley wears:

dress: anthropologie
sandals: rainbow
     some days all you need is the perfect dress and nothing else.  dresses like this one, from anthropologie, make it easy to lay of the accessories and just throw on a great pair of flip-flops and sunglasses.  the corset-style top and full skirt are such a great shape for the summer and pockets are just the perfect final touch.  i cannot wait to wear this dress with an off-white blazer, tights and boots in just a few months time, but for now the less fuss the better.
happy monday, loves!



wiley wears:

dress: f21
shirt: old navy
necklace: beach shop
sandals: rainbow
     we just got back from a wonderful long weekend in new hampshire and as usual i feel relaxed and rejuvenated.  jeb took these photos on one of our beach walks last night.  the temperature dropped and it got quite cold so i threw a chambray shirt over my favorite black maxi for some warmth.  this new beaded necklace i found at the beach was the perfect pop of color for a basic color combination.  jeb and i went up to portsmouth on saturday morning for breakfast at a favorite spot and to see some old friends.  the rest of the weekend was spent eating delicious meals and taking walks and bike rides.  now preparation begins for my very first day at my new job.  so it will be a short post, but i will be back with more shots from the weekend soon.