wiley wears:

dress: j.crew
cardigan: ae
necklace: j.crew
flats: gap
     some seriously washed-out photos.  i am so frustrated with my camera right now that i could scream!  recently some of my normal settings were changed and now the pictures come out blurry and i always seem out of focus.  this weekend will call for some experimentation to get back to my normal settings.  i promise there are better photos to come.  my faces in most of the above photos are laughable, but these were the best shots of the bunch to show what i was wearing.  i went with my go-to cotton dress today and paired it with this periwinkle cardigan that i have had since probably ninth grade.  it has just softened over the years and become even more perfect.  i added some sparkle with a new necklace from j.crew and went with basic brown flats to give my feet a break from heels this week.  it is really difficult for me to decide how i like to wear this dress best.  it really goes from day to night perfectly and has worked for so many occasions.  i recently saw that j.crew is selling the same style in black and lilac and think i might need both!
    thank god it's friday tomorrow, because i am utterly exhausted from all the anxiety and excitement of my first week of work.  looking forward to a fabulous dinner with caroline, of poppy and leo tomorrow night!

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