a few thank yous.

wiley wears:

top: paul & joe for target
shorts: op
sandals: bc footwear
sunnies: rayban
    okay, so before i say anything about anything else in these photos i need to spotlight bc footwear and tweet my style.  both of these lovely folks sent me this beautiful pair of sos flats and i am completely smitten.  they are the perfect combination of a sandal and an oxford.  this is probably the tenth time i have worn them, but i have been awful about photographing them. (so to bc footwear and tweet my style, thank you from the bottom of my heart and i apologize for not thanking you sooner!)
    now onto this outfit.  jeb and i had lots of errands to run tonight, after being away for a few days and i wanted something cool and breezy for this relentless summer heat.  this diaphanous peach top and a pair of jean shorts were the perfect answer to a hot summer night.  we stopped at this storage facility 
for some shots on our way to the market and i have to say i felt very kendi in front of the storage units.  so thanks to kendi as well for always being a big inspiration in fashion and in blogger scenery.
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