this ain't no disco.


wiley wears:

top: h&m
cardigan: kensie
shorts: f21
sneakers: chuck taylors
     i cannot seem to get a good set of photographs of this striped tee.  my camera always distorts the stripes and makes them look psychedelic.  i can tell you with complete honesty that this shirt is actually quite adorable and the breton stripes are perfectly in line.  i wore this outfit for a walk along the beach with jeb and thought that a patriotic/nautical look would be essential for the setting.  my tan chucks were completely fitting for the combination of an all-american-by-the-sea look.  tomorrow i will be back with normal postings of my first week of new job ensembles.  very exciting stuff happening in all facets of my life and i am feeeeeeeeeling good!