the giving tree.

wiley wears:

button-up: borrowed from jeb
shorts: f21
scarf: vintage gift from jiff
flats: jeffrey campbell
     so today's post is in honor of the tree in the first photo.  sadly, this beautiful tree is being taken down for no good reason at all.  the two trees behind my dear friend lin's house are being removed after a branch fell during a storm a few weeks ago.   needless to say, my favorite shady and perfectly private oasis in the heart of our fine neighborhood is being drastically changed.  we really loved those trees and the hammock they held up.  sorry arden street!
    i wore this outfit out to run errands and cannot say enough amazing things about stealing jeb's shirts.  this one had been tossed aside a few weeks ago because of a small hole in the sleeve.  perfect for me, since i prefer the sleeves rolled up.  with a pair of shorts, my nude flats and a soft vintage scarf to tie back my hair i felt ready to race through the aisles of target and cruise around listening to soft-rock on the car stereo.
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  1. hhmm i really like this look!

    maybe i should start stealing markey's shirts...