the layered look.

wiley wears:

tank: af
button-up: ae
cardigan: j.crew
khakis: gap
shoes: vintage dexters
     i wore this outfit to work last friday.  glad i saved the pictures since this rainy windy evening was not a good one at all for photographs.  caroline, of poppy and leo, and i went to dinner last friday at one of our favorite spots on beacon hill and we took these after dinner and drinks.  i have been really inspired by the layered looks showing up everywhere for the fall and thought i would give it a try.  i used a white linen tank as a base and then wore an open gingham button-up and topped it off with my sunniest cardigan.  sadly, the weather was quite warm to be wearing four shirts, but i made it work throughout the day by staying indoors.  to make sure my outfit looked weather-appropriate i decided to roll up my khakis and stick with a bright color pallate.


  1. I love the idea of layering a cardigan over an open buttonup. I will be giving this a try this fall! Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. That door is really cute, and so is your outfit!

  3. love that bright cardi against that bold door... very cute!!

  4. Is that my house...I think it is, I think I wish it was.....