something borrowed.

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all: borrowed from paige
(aka not quite sure where everything is from)
     i just got back from one incredible weekend.  jill and i drove to pennsylvania to surprise my mom for her birthday.  we drove straight from work on friday and got there around 1am and totally made her weekend!  we spent time with family, ate delicious lobster mac'n'cheese and enjoyed an amazing golf cart expedition.  it was a short time to spend with my family, but just to see my mom for a day made life seem so much better.  this week marks the official start of new beginnings.  wednesday will be my last day at my old job and then i head to portsmouth to visit one of the most amazing friends in the world.  after that, a weekend at the beach with jeb and his family.  so very excited!  too many things to be happy about right now.
     these are some photos that my younger sister, paige "peach," took of me on saturday.  a trip home wouldn't be complete without some major clothing being swapped.  it was really warm and humid this weekend so this beach dress was perfect for the farmer's market and shopping.  i love the bright pattern and it all came together with these great leather sandals.  the icing on the cake was definitely these amazing vintage betsey johnson sunnies that peach found at a flea market!  what a steal!
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