i dream of motorcycles.

wiley wears:
dress: gap
vest: l.a. made
belt: anthropologie
shoes: vintage dexters
sunnies: rayban
     the perfect dress.  one of the two dresses in my wardrobe that is versatile and can be styled up hundreds of ways.  if you read my blog often then you've seen this dress at least ten times before.  today i thought i would try to wear it a little differently by adding a knit vest on top.  i typically pair this with a skinny leather belt and cardigan, but wanted something that felt a little less put together.  the vest and beaded belt did just the trick.  with my dexters added in, i think i kept the outfit perfectly balanced between polished and a bit of freestyle.
   onto the whole motorcycle thing.  last night i had an incredibly vivid dream that i did my best to keep up with a motorcycle gang...even though i've never even been on the back on someone else's motorcycle before.  let's just say that i am pretty good out there.  i was racing down the road, wind blowing in my hair, feeling completely bad ass.  now in reality, i have trouble steering a car so i knew that this whole motorcycle thing had to mean something else.  so now my friends, welcome to my other hobby....dream interpretation.  i am quite obsessed with searching for the meaning of my dreams through multiple dream dictionaries and other resources.  so, guess what!  riding a motorcycle in a dream means that you are ready for some freedom.  i agree!  so i am off to find some adventures over the weekend!
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  1. The fashion is great as always, but now I must commend your photographer. He has come a long way. I love the way the shots are framed. Very good use of angles within the photos that draw the viewers eye back to you.