tonight i'm off to see florence and the machine with my two dearest friends.  i have been waiting for this show for months and cannot wait to dance the night away to some of my favorite songs!
happy halloween!!



off to new hampshire for the weekend.  time for chunky knits, moccasins, reading, puzzles and long bundled-up walks along the beach.
wishing you all a lovely weekend.


into the vault.

wiley wears:

tee: american apparel
vest: uo
sweater: thrifted
jeans: uo
belt: h&m
boots: jacobies
     still sick in bed, but luckily we had a few photos in the vault that i had yet to post.  i wore this outfit last weekend...remember, back when it was actually fall.  i absolutely adore autumn layers and i wanted to add some interest to a basic sweater/tee combo.  i threw a flowy vest on between the sweater and tee to create that visual interest i was going for.  with true blue skinnys and my favorite new lace-up booties i was ready for a fall day of running errands.
hopefully back to normal posts tomorrow.
medicine and an evening watching project runway should cure whatever's ailing me.


mama's got a new pair of shoes.

wiley wears:

top: velvet
belt: uo
khakis: gap
oxfords: miss me
     so this is what i look like sick.  i was in no mood to have photos taken yesterday, but i did love my outfit.  so here folks, is me without makeup and all-around miserable...but with great shoes!  i recently bought these oxfords since i had been lusting after a pair of old school saddle shoes, but realized they weren't quite appropriate for my office.  this modified pair of saddle shoes is completely perfect for work.  i plan on rocking these with lots of tights and dresses in the dreary months to come.  rolled khakis, a flowy silk top and a favorite striped belt were the best way to top off mama's new pair of shoes.


sick in bed.

sorry for the lack of posts, but i have a terrible ear infection and haven't been up to 'wiley wears' shots in the last few days.  i hope you'll all stick around.  hopefully i will back and ready for action on thursday.
much love.

{image via weheartit}


style spotlight: the camel coat.

every now and then i spotlight a trend or style that i love.  i think i will start doing these as part of a 'style spotlight' series.  i love getting your input on pieces and trends that i am smitten with.  i thought the perfect first piece to spotlight should be the camel coat.  it is impossible to turn the pages of a current fashion magazine without stumbling across a few gorgeous models wearing both fitted and menswear-inspired camel jackets.  i think the best thing about this current trend is that it is accessible...i've been seeing lots of camel at my favorite thrift and vintage shops lately.  for such a classic piece that won't ever go out of style, this trend is right up my alley.
what trends are you loving for the cooler months?

{all images via weheartit}


boston prep.

wiley wears:

top: gap
corduroys: j.crew
coat: gap
scarf: vintage
boots: uo
purse: vintage coach
     today i spent the afternoon at the sowa open market in the south end.  it was one of the last of the season, which makes me realize how quickly fall has come and gone.  just a few more weeks of my favorite season.   it was a stereotypical new england fall day here; dreary, gray and brisk...my absolute favorite.  the highlight of the day was definitely boston's first official grilled cheese truck.  i had a delicious grilled cheese with vermont cheddar and a side of rosemary fries from clover.  perfect.
    onto the outfit...i have been seeing camel coats everywhere in the fashion world for fall and winter and decided to break out my favorite camel coat.  i have literally had this jacket since the ninth grade and my mom really pushed this purchase, telling me that a camel peacoat will never go out of style.  she was completely right.  i have been feeling the preppy new england vibe, as i do most autumns.  a navy and white striped top, mustard cords and riding boots combined a few preppy staples and a funky vintage scarf kept the outfit more within my realm of style.


takin' a tub.

jeb says that a lot to me; to my complete annoyance, but this weekend i am taking his advice.  while he travels all over new england taking in phish shows i will be focusing on getting myself back into a good state of mind.  at the top of my list is 'taking a tub' (as lin likes to call it), lots of girly movies and madmen, reading by the charles and catching a football game with some people i completely adore.
long live the weekend!

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wiley wears:

dress: j.crew
blazer: f21
belt: vintage
scarf: uo
tights: uo
shoes: vintage dexters
     working on a college campus has a lot of advantages...i really enjoy seeing what all of the students are wearing and drawing inspiration from some of the super stylish coeds hanging on the quad.  today i thought i would go for my version of the academic look.  this white blazer with navy piping is my most 'gossip girl-inspired' piece and i love breaking it out in the cooler weather.  i wanted to stick with the most basic preppy shades; deep reds, navy, tan and white.  adding a pop of color with tights is my go-to in the fall and winter months and today was the first day of many for these red tights.  speaking of tights...i have been eyeing a number of pairs to add to my winter wardrobe.


the boots are back.

wiley wears:

tunic: old navy
cardigan: kensie
cigarette pants: gap
boots: jeffrey campbell
belt: uo
headband: h&m
     it has been so exciting breaking out my favorite fall boots.  these jeffrey campbells are my absolute favorite pair of boots.  i love them paired with the cigarette pants and flowy tops and think it creates a great shape.  my sole piece of animal print made it out of the closet today in order to give a little flavor to a slow moving week and with loose waves and a baggy cardigan i felt nice and put together.  time to head to the back of my closet to pull out some of my other cold weather favorites.


steamboat natchez.

wiley wears:

dress: roberta freymann via swap
belt: uo
sunnies: rayban
sandals: rainbow
     these photos, the last of my new orleans 'wiley wears' shots, were taken on our ride on the steamboat natchez.  this is the last real steamboat on the mississippi river and our two hour river cruise was the perfect way to spend our final afternoon. this dress was definitely what i was most excited about from the swap a few weeks back.  i love the wild pattern and the vivid colors.  i think it will look awesome with opaque tights this winter.  just an all around perfect dress!  
     i hope you have enjoyed my posts from new orleans.  it was fun to have lots of new places for photos and i loved giving my friends a family an inside look at our day to day on vacation.  now back to the real world where i can't pull crumpled pieces out of the closet for work....time to plan an outfit for tomorrow.

wily wiley reads.

imperial bedrooms by bret easton ellis

- much like all of his work, i loved this book.  written as a sequel to less than zero (my favorite easton ellis novel), this story combines the same fragmented stories of sex, drugs, and mystery as his work from decades earlier.  i find it very easy to get lost in his stories and this was a perfect vacation read.   if you like bret easton ellis this is a must-read.  if you haven't read any of his work then go pick up less than zero and give him a go!

the poisonwood bible by barbara kingsolver

- i may be the last person on this train, but i have only just now gotten to read this novel.  kingsolver tells the story of a family of missionaries in the belgian congo.  she uses multiple perspectives, which i always enjoy in a story and does a great job of portraying the voices of five very different women.  i couldn't put this one down and found myself surprisingly sympathetic to each of the characters.  kingsolver does a particularly good job of combining fiction with historical fact and i enjoyed doing some of my own research on the congo in the fifties and sixties.  highly recommended.

brutal: the untold story of my life inside whitey bulger's irish mob by kevin weeks

- jeb definitely has a fascination with anything boston mob, mostly stories of whitey bulger, of the winter hill gang.  he borrowed this from our friend casey and thought it was great, so i thought i'd give it a go to keep myself informed for the endless amounts of documentaries and books that will eventually make their way through our home.  kevin weeks, the book's writer and whitey bulger's right-hand man, tells his own story of life growing up in the south boston projects and how he became entangled with whitey and his crimes.  living in boston, i've read and seen so many things on this same topic so there wasn't a whole lot i gained from this particular book, but hearing weeks' perspective on whitey was very intriguing.  my recommendation; if you want to read a great non-fiction piece on southie, pick up michael patrick mcdonald's all souls: a family story from southie.  this book discusses some of the same crimes and happenings in southie, but has a lot more heart.

squirrel seeks chipmunk by david sedaris

- i cannot ever say anything bad about david sedaris.  he is my favorite storyteller and i have spent hours laughing til i cry while reading his books.  squirrel seeks chipmunk is a collection of stories personifying animals and placing them in hysterical human situations.  i found it very interesting to read about the human condition through such silly stories.  my personal favorite was 'the migrating warblers.'  obviously a must-read for sedaris fans, but i could give you a list of other sedaris books i would read first if you're new to his writing.

it's that time again....so soon, i know!  after a long vacation filled with books i would love to hear more of your suggestions.  i haven't been into a bookstore in awhile...is there anything new out there that i need to get my hands on?  anything you love dearly that i still need to read?


night on the town.

wiley wears:

dress: j.crew (borrowed from jill)
necklace: anthropologie
sandals: jeffrey campbell
     this is what i wore for my favorite meal during our week in new orleans.  we had dinner at a tiny italian restaurant and i wanted to dress up a bit for the night out.  i love the deep 'v' and the shape of the dress creates a perfect silhouette.  i thought the green was great paired with black and gold accessories.  another set of photos out on the balcony....which we are missing a lot lately.  just one more outfit post from new orleans after tonight and then i'll do a last post summing up the highlights of our trip.  but for tomorrow...a new 'wiley reads' post is coming up!


audobon park.

wiley wears:

tee: american apparel
shorts: miss me (borrowed from jill)
flats: jeffrey campbell
sunnies: beach shop
necklace: shop in new hampshire
    on thursday jeb and i headed up st. charles on the streetcar taking in all of the lovely new orleans mansions.  we got off and strolled through audobon park and then walked to the fly to take in the vastness of the mississippi.  later we headed to magazine street to grab a quick bite at a great little italian spot.  i love wearing an outfit consisting of only neutrals and using accessories to bring color into the picuter.  these beige silk shorts were the perfect piece for a hot louisiana week.  i wore them a number of times, but this outfit was my favorite.  i found that they worked best when paired with a layed back tee and funky accessories.  the loose and airy shape could not have been more perfect for one of the hottest days and longest walks we had on our trip.


nola cont...

wiley wears:

dress: uo (borrowed from jill)
moccasins: minnetonka
necklace: borrowed from jill
sunnies: rayban
purse: aldo
     the lush gardens in front of the st. louis cathedral were the perfect spot for photos yesterday.  i went with another easy sundress that i borrowed from jill.  simplicity is essential here, as we spend most of our days running from one place to another.  
     well, we are down to our last day and heading off to a steamboat ride up the mississippi and i'm finishing my day with a dip in the pool.  many more new orleans posts to come.  stay tuned!


a few more photos.

a few more pictures of this lovely town...