mama's got a new pair of shoes.

wiley wears:

top: velvet
belt: uo
khakis: gap
oxfords: miss me
     so this is what i look like sick.  i was in no mood to have photos taken yesterday, but i did love my outfit.  so here folks, is me without makeup and all-around miserable...but with great shoes!  i recently bought these oxfords since i had been lusting after a pair of old school saddle shoes, but realized they weren't quite appropriate for my office.  this modified pair of saddle shoes is completely perfect for work.  i plan on rocking these with lots of tights and dresses in the dreary months to come.  rolled khakis, a flowy silk top and a favorite striped belt were the best way to top off mama's new pair of shoes.

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  1. Such great brogues!!!love how you belted that shirt!