boston fashion blogger mixer.

wiley wears:

top: old navy
corduroys: j.crew
belt: vintage
wedge sandals: old navy
necklace: on loan from poppy and leo
     so last night i had a total blast at the boston fashion blogger mixer and swap!  i got to see some old blogging friends, meet a number of new ones and even strut my stuff down the runway.  the swap was fantastic and the closet donated an entire rack of amazing finds for the blogger attendees to play with and take home.  i am very excited about the lovely items i brought home and am trying my best to hold off and save them for my trip to new orleans in a little over a week.
    after dressing up for the absolut fashion event the night before, i knew i needed something more comfortable and casual for this event.  i decided on a loose chambray button-up and my cropped mustard cords.  with heels and a piece of statement jewelry i was able to dress it up for another night on the town.  more pictures to follow on the actual swap, but if you have not been to one yet, make sure to put it on your list of to-dos!  i will be sure to keep you updated on any coming up in the area.
thank you so much to amy and the rest of the swapaholics team for making this such a fabulous event!


  1. It was great to meet you last night at the Swap! We bloggers should get together more often. - Katy

  2. love love love this outfit! you look amazing!

  3. so lovely to see you at the event! i wish i had gotten to chat with you!
    hopefully there will be more fashion blogger happenings in boston soon!


  4. ooh love this! so cute! Im wearing a similar denim shirt in my last post :)

  5. Great to meet you!! I would love it if you rocked a Fig headband!! and, If it just so happens I get an alpaca rabbit, I will share with you