sometimes it seems like nothing good can come from all this rain.  these dreary fall days are already beginning to wear on me and i cannot wait to head off to the southern sunshine on saturday.  due to a series of unfortunate events, i was unable to do my wiley wears photos tonight.  in their place are these gorgeous photographs of raindrops on the ocean.

{images by stefan soderstrom and dane peterson}


  1. ohhhh this rain is crazy! but, i love the pictures of the rain on oceans, thanks for posting brooke!

  2. was ernst and the fan one of the unfortunate events? haha

  3. love these images!

    It's raining in so cal right now, but supposed to be sunny and warm this weekend! xx

  4. we havent had a good rain in las vegas I long for it so bad! But it gets dreary after you have it back to back for so long.

    ps. love your cable knit post below!