wiley wears:

top: gap
blazer: uo
necklace: anthroplogie
belt: h&m
khakis: gap
shoes: nine west
     if i can't have spring weather than i'm going to layer on enough spring colors to keep me warm.  i love major white pieces in the winter.  (i'm thinking of breaking out a white maxi skirt next weekend...weather permitting.)  i like to call this my 'miami vice' blazer.  the color and lack of closure make me think i need a fuschia tee underneath with a pair of matching white pants.   but today i thought i'd go less 'miami vice' and more new england prepster.  layering the blazer atop a striped pastel button-up, khakis and a statement necklace makes for the perfect boston combination.


soft sunday.

wiley wears:

tee: michael stars
cardigan: kensie
pashmina: gift
jeans: bdg
belt: h&m
boots: jacibos
     today i wanted to layer up on soft pieces in quiet shades.  white, cream and pale pink were perfect paired with comfortable jeans and caramel leather accessories.  i wore my hair in, what i like to call, the 'serena braid.'  if you're a lover of gossip girl, than you'll understand what i mean.  it's such a great way to make weekend hair look put together.   
     tonight we are cuddling up with a big salad, freshly made paprika cheddar biscuits and the oscars.  i've been finding that sundays have become particulary anxiety-inducing for me, and i love that tonight i can just focus on spending time with the person i love most.


interwebs inspiration.

here are few posts from around the blogosphere that i found particularly inspiring this week...
1. okay, i love absolutely everything about brooke's outfit. mustard yellow, ruffles and the perfect skirt.
2. rachael's maxi dress may be the prettiest patterned dress i've seen.
3. i am smitten over this entire combination, but mostly over miss james's adorable hat.
4. over at mousevox, this look is a perfect example of classic layering going absolutely right.
5. sydney's pairing of a classic white button-up and black maxi skirt is gorgeous.

happy weekend, my friends.

{image found here via here.}


blog awards.

     when i found out this was going to be a fbff blog awards post, i could not help but use the above illustration entitled 'best ever' by berkley illustration.  um, hello...is this not the best ever image of an award being given?  yes, i believe it is.  you should check out their etsy shop...i mean, if you're into really cool illustrations of animals.
     okay, so back to these wonderful awards.  katy, of modlychic, picked such a great topic this week.  i love love love giving credit where credit is due to my very favorite of bloggers.  so here goes...
1. Creative Juices - most creative district of chic
2. The Real Deal - authenticity
the other emily
3. Spark Notes - most helpful
my edit
4. Newbie - best blogger less than a year old
keep collected
5. Can You Hear Me Now - most connected
what i wore
6. If I had a Hammer - best DIY 
p.s.- i made this...
7. Tribe Leader - blogger who leads others and brings bloggers together
kendi everyday
8. Practically Perfect - most fashionable
could i have that?
9. Paint by Numbers - best beauty blogger - i have to admit, i don't really read too many beauty blogs
10. Renaissance Woman - best all around blogger, fashion, beauty, lifestyle
bleubird vintage

style spotlight: polka dots.

how have i not done a style spotlight on polka dots before?  hands down my favorite pattern, these cute little dots have a fun and retro vibe.  i'm usually drawn to navy and white or red and white, but after seeing the two above photos with black polka dots on white with a pink cardigan or blazer, i'm itching to try it out.  polka dots used to be difficult to find, but now they are absolutely everywhere.  (i even saw a photo of a girl with a polka dotted shirt and a polka dotted scarf layered one on the other and i loved it!)

do you love polka dots?

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sunny disposition.

wiley wears:

dress: alloy
jacket: target
tights: walmart
boots: uo
     okay, so probably the opposite outfit the represent a sunny disposition, but there's always the rest of the week.  i have to admit that i wasn't as crazy about today's outfit as when i created it in my head and drew it on paper.  i don't think the cropped structured jacket quite matched the longer lines of the flowy dress.  i did however like the color combination.  my good old safety; gray and navy.  just goes to show that even planning can't always guarantee a solid combination.  
     tomorrow is a new day and tonight is mac & cheese night with a few of our friends.  so just like annie said, the sun will come out tomorrow.



wiley wears:

turtleneck: gap
skirt: white + warren
tights: h&m
belt: walmart
flats: dolce vita
     today i tried for some traditional layers.  this cashmere skirt is so soft and warm.  it called to me last night and i just couldn't say no.  the color of the skirt pairs surprisingly well with all black.  
     i really can't talk.  i'm multitasking.  or i guess you could call it watching glee while dvr'ing the amanda knox story on lifetime.  ah, the power of performing two tasks at once.


grey gardens.

wiley wears:

tunic, boots and sweater: uo
jeans: bdg
scarf: american apparel
     after a weekend spent traveling from one place to another, staying up far too late and eating much too much delcious food, today was spent getting back to real life things.  jeb and i had an afternoon laundromat and pizza date and did about five loads of wash and now i'm just focusing on getting prepped for the week ahead.  the day called for comfort.  i love the way these circle scarfs from american apparel add so much to a simple outfit.  i've become quite addicted and need to stop buying them, but it's just too tempting on these freezing cold days.  all of the pieces i wore today have been in my closet forever.  some days it's nice to go for the old faithful pieces in your closet, and today was no exception. 
     i've traded in my skinny jeans for a pair of oversized fleece ski pants and i'm prepared for an evening curled on the sofa flipping through magazines and catching some gossip girl.
cheers to a four-day week!


backwards layering.


wiley wears:

dress and tee: uo
tights: f21
belt: vintage
hoodie: j.crew
boots: target
     some saturdays just call for a dress.  to make a sundress warmer and more casual i like to do a little backwards layering.  throwing a tee on top of a dress and belting it has become an easy weekend solution. grabbing my beloved sherpa fleece was a no-brainer and i wanted to add some color so i wore my mustard tights. a few brown accessories and i was ready to run some errands in the city with my love.
happy presidents' day!


seaside weekend.

heading off to a going-away party at the prettiest house on the prettiest cove and then taking the train to portsmouth for the rest of the weekend.  after a long week, a lovely four days with great friends is exactly what the doctor ordered.
i hope you all have wonderful plans for the long weekend.

{image found here.}


soft layers.

wiley wears:

tee: michael stars
cardigan: f21
skirt: american apparel
belt: vintage
boots: jacibos
scarf: old navy
       i am seriously in love with this outfit.  might as well be pajamas, because that's how comfortable it feels.  this old navy scarf might be the softest scarf ever.  it may only last a season or two because of the super thin material, but it was worth every penny.  some days layering one ultra soft material over another is just the right way to go and today was one of those days.  one very important tip for days like this is to belt it!  whenever i wear layers of loose clothing i like to add a belt to show my natural waist so i don't look too baggy.
      can't talk long!  american idol is on.  i can't stop this season!  have you seen this guy on the upright bass??  it's serious stuff.

style spotlight: red tights.

during the last months of cool weather i always find myself trying to wear tights every day.  they are my favorite part about dressing in the winter and my beloved red tights will be forced into hibernation in a few weeks until the fall.  the last two winters have really had me experimenting a lot with these bright beauties.  once you give it a go, red tights can be quite versatile.  i typically stick to pariring them with black and navy, but i love some of the above ideas with patterns, contrasting shades and metallics.
might have to give this a few more gos.
what's your favorite color for tights?

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good old uncle sam.

wiley wears:

blazer: f21
tee: h&m
pants: the limited
belt: h&m
shoes: vintage dexters
     whenever inspiration is lacking i look to good old uncle sam for a clue.  for some reason, wheni'm not sure what to wear i'm drawn to a combination of red, white and navy.  it always has a patriotic and preppy vibe, but honestly, i just love red and navy...and white just fits right in. 


teal and tomato.

wiley wears:

top: f21
cardigan: j.crew
belt: uo
pants: gap
boots: vintage
       i never would of thought of combining teal with a tomato shade of orange, but when i was shuffling through pieces to wear this week these two were next to one another and it worked.  i love finding new color combinations and i think this is one i'll definitely be reworking.  it's funny how it works, but wearing bright happy colors does in fact put you in a brighter happier mood.  i think i'll be working more on adding some color to my closet.  
     another day down and i am so excited for the long weekend ahead.  i'll be seaside all weekend long and i cannot wait for some warm weather and a few days off of work.  in my happy mood today i decided i to take friday off so i can further enjoy my little vacation.  so ready for this!


happy valentine's day.

wiley wears:

dress: h&m
blazer: gap
pashmina: h&m
tights: h&m
boots: swapday gift from jen
     i hope everyone is having a special day today.    it's not hard to have a good day when you eat donuts for breakfast, wear a bright pink dress and have three great valentines; boyfriend, mom and cat.  jeb and i celebrated a bit this weekend and tonight we looked forward to a quiet night in, good food and exchanging our valentines.  nothing better than a few sweet words.
    of course i had to wear pink today.  it wouldn't feel like valentine's day otherwise.  my houndstooth blazer and black tights and boots anchored all the bright colors of the dress and the pashmina.  i promised color this week and today is only day one of my supersized week of color.


be here now.

wiley wears:

top: thomas pink (swapped)
jeans: bdg
belt: h&m
boots: jacibos
     this silk thomas pink top was one of my very favorite grabs from the last swap.  i have so few vertical striped pieces, and i thought the combination of deep plum and cream looked very chic.  originally i planned on wearing this shirt to work with a pencil skirt and try for a 'don't tell mom the babysitters dead' vibe with some big earrings and heels.  last night i thought i'd wear it in a more casual setting. jeb and i went out on a dinner date followed by the mason jennings show (which was incredible, by the way).  
      today was one of those beautifully productive sundays.  laundry is done, fridge is stocked, and i spent quite a bit of time picking out complete outfits for each day of the work week.  i've noticed i have been wearing a lot of navy and black lately so i've picked a colorful outfit for every day of the week.  it's always great to take an inventory of your closet before the week begins.


hello weekend.

while i mostly just like valentine's day for the red and pink candy, i do think it's fun to give some extra hugs, kisses and 'i love yous' out to the people/cats that i love.  this weekend jeb and i are celebrating by getting him a haircut, eating dinner at our favorite restaurant, and catching an acoustic mason jennings show at the site of our very first date. 

spend your weekend giving some love!

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