style spotlight: polka dots.

how have i not done a style spotlight on polka dots before?  hands down my favorite pattern, these cute little dots have a fun and retro vibe.  i'm usually drawn to navy and white or red and white, but after seeing the two above photos with black polka dots on white with a pink cardigan or blazer, i'm itching to try it out.  polka dots used to be difficult to find, but now they are absolutely everywhere.  (i even saw a photo of a girl with a polka dotted shirt and a polka dotted scarf layered one on the other and i loved it!)

do you love polka dots?

{images found here.}


  1. Great rundown of different ways to wear polka dots. Inspired...

  2. i am a total sucker for polka dots, i love them!! great photo collection!

  3. I'm glad you posted this. It looks like polka dots is winning for the next EBEW and I don't know how to wear them!

    The Auspicious Life