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wiley wears:

top: thomas pink (swapped)
jeans: bdg
belt: h&m
boots: jacibos
     this silk thomas pink top was one of my very favorite grabs from the last swap.  i have so few vertical striped pieces, and i thought the combination of deep plum and cream looked very chic.  originally i planned on wearing this shirt to work with a pencil skirt and try for a 'don't tell mom the babysitters dead' vibe with some big earrings and heels.  last night i thought i'd wear it in a more casual setting. jeb and i went out on a dinner date followed by the mason jennings show (which was incredible, by the way).  
      today was one of those beautifully productive sundays.  laundry is done, fridge is stocked, and i spent quite a bit of time picking out complete outfits for each day of the work week.  i've noticed i have been wearing a lot of navy and black lately so i've picked a colorful outfit for every day of the week.  it's always great to take an inventory of your closet before the week begins.

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