today's fbff questions from katy at modlychic are about working colors into your wardrobe.  my answers are below and i would love to hear what colors are dominating your closet...

1. What color dominates your closet?
navy and gray are most likely tied.  i love keeping lots of basics in these two neutrals.  i'm not much for black and brown, and tan typically drown out my pale complexion, so i tend to stick with navy and varying shades of gray.  otherwise my closet is a rainbow of colors; with a few pieces in multiple shades.

2. If money weren't an issue how would you change the color emphasis in your closet?
if money weren't an issue i would buy bolder patterns and brighter pieces constantly.  in my real budgeted world, i spend money on investment pieces, which are typically in colors that i don't have to fear will go out of style.  always safe with navy!  if money was no object i would buy every funky print that crossed the runway.

3. What is your mantra about mixing colors?
the more the better!  i love colors. i love patterns.  i love mixing patterns together.  you have to play with colors until you see what works together.  sometimes the strangest combinations just work.  teal and burnt orange, yellow and magenta...you just never know until you try it on.

4. For you, how do you incorporate color into your outfits?
as any reader of my blog knows, i am drawn to statement jewelry, colored tights and vibrantly colored scarves.  these are such easy ways to incorporate big bursts of color into any ensemble.  it's a great way to play it safe for the office or for dressier events by adding some color to a toned-down outfit. 

5. Which blogger(s) do you think do a good job of incorporating color into their wardrobe?
hands down, beth jones is my color queen.  this lady knows how to work with color and her color blocked outfits are a constant inspiration.

{image found here.}


  1. Beth Jones IS incredible! You're right. I love colored tights, too... and I'm working on the statement jewelry thing! I loved your answers!!


  2. It's very true that on a budget money is well spent on something nuetral like navy that won't date and makes a great basic, but a good and beautiful print never dates either so if you already have the navy maybe save up for that designer print of your dreams.

  3. I totally agree especially with ans #4 I add pops of color with accessories as well. Great post! and love your watch in the photo (I'm a watch lover)

  4. Hi sweetie, I am your latest follower, just found your blog via the Friend Friday :) it is so interesting to read everyones answers :)I totally agree about the pop of colour with statement necklesses, that can change an outfit :)

  5. I love color. A day without wearing color is literally and figuratively a "colorless" day. My primary neutral is black in winter and white and khaki in summer. I have been able to narrow down my favorite colors to the color of a Hydrangea - fuschia, granny apple green, blue turquoise and above all purple. If you are always drawn to certain colors all of your accessories will go 'work'. Colored bangles can bring any outfit together.