my girl tuesday.

wiley wears:

top: j.crew
cardigan: f21
skirt: j.crew
tights: walmart
brogues: miss me
     a quick post tonight since i am in entertaining mode.  i made my mom's baked ziti tonight and it was extra extra delicious.  i am really glad we have lots of leftovers because i plan on eating this pasta until the end of the week!  if you're looking for an incredible winter recipe let me know.
     today i needed to look a bit more professional, so i went with the tried and true combination of a button up, cardigan and pencil skirt.  you really can't go wrong here.  i went with a ruffled top to counteract the less-than-girly color scheme.  i think it worked out wonderfully.


  1. never made baked ziti - is it a pain? do share the recipe!

  2. Love it. I think you look great in an elongated look. The cardigan makes it. Just like yesterday with the long shirt and short skirt.