teal and tomato.

wiley wears:

top: f21
cardigan: j.crew
belt: uo
pants: gap
boots: vintage
       i never would of thought of combining teal with a tomato shade of orange, but when i was shuffling through pieces to wear this week these two were next to one another and it worked.  i love finding new color combinations and i think this is one i'll definitely be reworking.  it's funny how it works, but wearing bright happy colors does in fact put you in a brighter happier mood.  i think i'll be working more on adding some color to my closet.  
     another day down and i am so excited for the long weekend ahead.  i'll be seaside all weekend long and i cannot wait for some warm weather and a few days off of work.  in my happy mood today i decided i to take friday off so i can further enjoy my little vacation.  so ready for this!


  1. These two colors work suprisingly well together. Now I am trying to think of clothing I own in both colors.

    Or maybe a shopping trip!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    -Helen P.

  2. Those were my sister's wedding colors, and they were SO lovely!!

    And they both look great on you!