happiest of new years to you.

i'm breaking out the red lips and lace and ready to throw back a few glasses of champagne with so many of my dearest friends.  2010 has been a great year, but i am ready to say goodbye to this decade and start anew in 2011.
thank you to my readers for making my blog such a fun endeavor!
have a safe and beautiful new years eve!


six days at the bottom of the ocean.

wiley wears:

cardigan: gap
chambray top: old navy
skirt: american apparel
belt: vintage
boots: vintage
     after doing the inspiration searches for my 'style spotlight' i decided to throw on a new outfit for the day using the street style photos as my own personal muses.  i knew i wanted a heavy bit of layering on top, so i went with a tight black cami covered by an open chambray top and cardigan.  i went to see black swan with my mom, so i thought my black eagle beaded belt would be the perfect accessory.  the movie was intense; beautiful and disturbing.  i am still trying to gather a better idea of how i felt about it as a whole and will most likely do a little post on the film over the weekend.
happy almost new years!

style spotlight: maxi skirts.

ever since purchasing my very first maxi skirt from american apparel i have been obsessed with searching for new ways to wear it.  for a piece that may not seem very versatile, street style blogs beg to differ.  above are a few of my favorite images from stylesightings.  there are so many great ways to wear these flowing skirts and i think the greatest ideas i got from all of the street style images are that layering on top is essential in creating a unique look with the skirt.  i usually style my own with moto boots and rugged pieces, but the images above make me want to try out some new methods of wearing this piece.


five to one.

wiley wears:

top: old navy
cardigan: vintage
jeans: bdg
necklace: nomad
boots: jacibos
scarf: vintage
     jenni took my photos yesterday on our way out to some of our favorite country thrift stores with our mom.   it was a pretty unsuccessful day of thrifting, but still lots of fun.  layers were a must since it was extremely windy and we stopped in front of some of the gorgeous snowy farms for a few shots.  this cableknit sweater is perfect over everything and i swear that i could easily wear it every day for my 20x20.  fifteen more outfits to go!


four minutes.

wiley wears:

cardigan: gap
skirt: target
sweater tights: h&m
heeled oxfords: target
necklace: anthropologie (gift)
     i know my 20x20 challenge may seem off to a slow start with only four outfits up so far, but fear not, my loves, i have a plethora of posts queued up for the rest of the week.  vacation is the perfect time for a challenge like this because i often go from one wardrobe extreme to the next from morning to night.  days are spent vintage shopping, thrifting, lounging and reading, while my nights are spent out with friends and family.  this gives me the opportunity to fit two outfits into one day, and with only twenty pieces to choose from it makes it easy to do day-to-evening outfits.  
     i wore this outfit to the annual christmas eve party at a friend's house and thought it was fitting for a night of enjoying a few cocktails with people i love.  my sister bought me this necklace from anthro for christmas and i am absolutely loving it.  you can't go wrong with big chunky jewelry as a gift for me (hint, hint, to those of you looking for birthday ideas.)  although both the cardigan and skirt are very versatile, i wanted to just pile on the simple things and make it funky with jewelry again.  and the black tights with these heels made my legs look pretty darn long.  now that i can deal with.


three times a lady.

wiley wears:

top: h&m
necklace: beach shop
jeans: bdg
brogues: miss me
hat: borrowed from my cousin, lance
    a photo-heavy post because the fabulous nate took my photos again and i love so many of the pictures and really wanted to share them.  i was looking for something simple on this day and having jeans and an easy, yet colorful, top to throw on was the simplest equation.  i knew this tee would be the perfect piece to have in the 20x20 challenge because it has so many different colors to work with and the ruffled sleeves give it a little something extra.  my pink and coral beaded necklace brought out some of the varying shades of pink in the top and kept the outfit from being too basic.   i have to say, this whole twenty items thing is keeping it very simple to get dressed in the morning.  
     i do have a confession to make though...there will be a 21st item in these twenty days, as i found the most gorgeous black lace shift dress to wear for new years eve.  (and really, i don't think new years eve counts.)


it takes two.

wiley wears:

top: vintage levis
belt: uo
skirt: american apparel
boots: vintage
     my mom snapped these photos on christmas eve out in the country near our family's house.  the sun was setting perfectly behind the trees and made for a great backdrop.  my sister and i began calling this outfit the 'big love' look.  the plaid top and full skirt, worn high on the waist, gave off a bit of a 'big love' feel and it kept us laughing throughout the night.  part of the fun of this 20x20 challenge has been trying to wear things i've had forever in new and different ways.  whenever i wear this skirt i feel like adding a bit of rougher touches....the black leather belt and boots were the perfect way to do this.  one of my challenges during these next 18 outfits will be to be wear the skirt with feminine pieces and keep it very girly.


merry christmas.

merry christmas to you and yours!
i hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday.
here's a quick little copy of our christmas card this year.

(note: this card is supposed to be ironic.  i am not that crazy.)


one fine day.

wiley wears:

chambray top: old navy
cable knit cardigan: vintage
corduroys: j.crew
boots: sperry
     my first 20x20 remix outfit and i am thinking i can handle this whole twenty item challenge.  i have had one snag already, as i left my black maxi dress in boston and have to wait until jeb drives to pa to be able to remix it.  (so the end of the remix will probably be heavy with that dress.)  i may have had a bit of a meltdown when i realized, but i will figure out some new outfits to make up for my lack of dress.
     this is my first remixed outfit, and the absolute perfect outfit for my first day out in pennsylvania.  i ran errands with my older sister and we stopped in the park to take some photos in front of the old stone house.  jenni was adamant that i needed a few pictures in front of all the little boys playing hockey on the frozen pond. so small-town christmas.  i love it.  i went with something really warm, layered and comfortable.  my sperry boat boots are making their first blog appearance!  aren't they lovely?
     nineteen outfits to go!


polar express.

i absolutely adore train travel.  i love the beautiful train stations and the people watching is spectacular.  i am especially fond of the train because it is just the most relaxing way to travel.  a few movies, some fashion magazines and a good book and i am back to philadelphia in a flash.  no airport security, no checked baggage...just me, the coastline and a nice nap.
happy holidays!

{image found here.}


my holiday 20x20 remix challenge.

 jacibos : laced boots
vintage : black moto boots
sperry : ladyfish boat boots
target : heeled oxfords
miss me : brogues
 old navy : chambray shorts
j.crew : mustard corduroys
b.d.g. : skinny jeans
 american apparel : cotton pencil skirt
target : gray lace mini
american apparel : blue chiffon skirt
 vintage : cable knit cardigan
gap : black boyfriend cardigan
 old navy : chambray button-up
h&m : floral top
american apparel : white v-neck tee
vintage levis : plaid button-up
madewell: cropped gray sweat shirt
 f21 : black maxi dress
anthropologie: silk sequined dress

so above you see the twenty pieces i have chosen for my holiday 20x20 remix.  this has been inspired by kendi's 30x30 challenge, which at this point i have been too scared to undertake.  this shorter version will give me the perfect opportunity to try out my remixing skills...and it's super helpful with my packing issues.  so folks, now you've seen the pieces i can wear for the next twenty outfit posts.  posts will be sporadic until thursday, as i head back to philadelphia tomorrow.  i am really looking forward to creating these twenty outfits and i can't wait to feel the sense of pride and exhilaration that so many of the remixing bloggers talked about.
i'm feeling quite optimistic and have a secret little trick...caroline made me some gorgeous form sketches so that i can create all of my looks in advance, as i ride on the train tomorrow.
wish me luck!


a packing conundrum.

i am in a terrible tornado of packing and i feel completely lost.
okay, okay...a bit dramatic, but honestly, packing for a two week trip and only being able to bring one bag (that i can actually carry) is making this whole packing thing really difficult.  at first i thought i would do my own 30 for 30 remix-type challenge and throw the things right in my bag, but i'm wondering if that would be too difficult?  or more fun?  20 x 20? 15 x 15?  what are your thoughts?

packing tips are also greatly appreciated.

{images found here.}


$#%& that jeb says.

wiley wears:

top: uo
cashmere skirt: white + warren
tights: ae
belt: h&m
boots: jacibos
     for those that know jeb and i know our relationship is split mostly between two phrases; 'i love you' and 'you're ridiculous.'  jeb has been so amazingly supportive of my blog and although there might be a sigh or grunt when i ask him to run outside with me for pictures, he always obliges.  i love when jeb takes my photos because he may not tell me that my fly is open or that i have a huge cow-lick on my head, but he always has a few words of wisdom:
"stop touching your face." (similar to "stop touching your hair.")
"look at the camera." 
"don't look behind you.  it's just a picture of hair"
"stop dancing."
"stand still!"
    there are always a lot of laughs, and hey, freezing cold days require dancing to stay warm!  just because jeb doesn't get that there are some important 'blogger poses' to cover (ie staring at the ground), he still goes out there with me every single day. 
     this is what i wore to jeb's family christmas party. (a blast, as always.)  a fitted cashmere skirt over sweater tights and a ruffled rust-colored top.  not a whole lot to say about that one.
happy short work-week!


the weekend before christmas.

i have to admit that i haven't quite been feeling the holiday spirit.  life has been moving at a crazy pace and i'm feeling a bit run-down and exhausted.  on a good note, this weekend is shaping up to be wonderfully relaxing and fun and it's less than a week before i get to be home with my family.  tomorrow is jeb's annual family christmas party, which i look forward to every year.  other than that, i plan on staying in, waiting for the first snow, wrapping gifts and snuggling up with candles and our christmas tree lit.

wishing you all a beautiful weekend!

{image found here}


miss mismatch.

wiley wears:

tee: f21
trousers: madewell
boots: jacibos
     this is an outfit from the past weekend away and i really loved how it all came together.  having a small bag with only a few pieces to choose from really makes you attempt interesting things.  i would probably not think of pairing these two very opposite pieces; a casual cropped tee and high-waisted trousers.  but in my mind, the combination works.   these madewell trousers are a constant for me at work, but i rarely wear them in more casual situations.  i wanted to do a bit more with them and i think the combination of a cropped tee and high waistline created a new sort of balance.  with my jacibo boots folded over i was pretty mismatched, but all in a good way.