style spotlight: black frames

it's no secret to anyone that i have been lusting after a pair of gorgeous oliver peoples frames, but as my new glasses purchase gets closer i am struggling to decide between which type of black frames i want most.  i love funky glasses and have been eyeing more cateye styles as of late.  all i know for sure is that black frames are the way to go for me.  so classic, so clean and so versatile.

what's your favorite frame?

{all images from here}


  1. I have always been into cat eye frames. It's so hard to find the pair I've envisioned though (which is cat eye-esque but angled rather than so curvy). I like the first photo you've included the best. (:


  2. I love cat eye frames as well, but sometimes the cat eye look in addition to the think black frames can be a bit too dramatic for everyday wear. Black frames are great, and they always look awesome on pale and delicate complexions.

  3. I'd love a pair of black frames, but I learned when I went to get my first pair of glasses last year that I have a freakishly small face! Oversized frames that look great on other people make me look like a serial killer. :(

  4. these are great :) i have a pair of "not that so big" that i need to wear at work. and i actually adore them. they are michael kors.
    but i think my next pair might be like the ones you posted...

    thanks for sharing :) and love the blog title.


  5. I go for purple frames with a hint of glitter. Mine are rectangular and the first pair that I ever bought that weren't wire frames or more neutral toned. I am way too pale (skin and hair) for black frames but for you with your darker hair black would be great.