introducing grumpy baby pants.

wiley wears:

dress: vintage
tights: walmart
belt: vintage
cardigan: j.crew
dexters: vintage
     is it possible for one's skin to be pastier early on in the day?  i think these photos are proof that this is an actual phenomenom.  you may also notice that there is not a single straight on shot of my face...this my friends, is for your own safety, as it may cause blindness, that or just a good laugh because my eyes were shut in 98% of the photos of my face.  the moral of this story is that i should stick to taking my photos after work because i am just a "grumpy baby pants" (this word is copyrited, but i encourage you to utilize it on a day-to-day basis) before lunchtime.  the morning may offer sunlight, but it cannot turn a 'gbp' into a functioning human being.
    regardless of my stellar morning personality, i actually sort-of fell for this outfit.  it just goes to show, jillian hadad, that a vintage dress can buy you dignity. (well, jill, and taylor swift.)  i really do feel my best in layers of vintage pieces.  and as i've mentioned before, in my work attire post, a classic j.crew jackie sweater can really make a more outlandish vintage dress completely wearable for the office.  oh yeah, and navy tights...those just rock.

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