a packing conundrum.

i am in a terrible tornado of packing and i feel completely lost.
okay, okay...a bit dramatic, but honestly, packing for a two week trip and only being able to bring one bag (that i can actually carry) is making this whole packing thing really difficult.  at first i thought i would do my own 30 for 30 remix-type challenge and throw the things right in my bag, but i'm wondering if that would be too difficult?  or more fun?  20 x 20? 15 x 15?  what are your thoughts?

packing tips are also greatly appreciated.

{images found here.}


  1. Do a remix! I think that is a great idea for an easy way to pack and get dressed each day on Christmas vacation!

  2. I think you need to make sure you pack everything that will fit your little sister and will flatter her body type. It's all in the holiday spirit of course.

  3. 20 x 20! love the idea! don't forget the mustard cords! those are my favorite!