do do do do you have it?

wiley wears:

tee: splendid
blazer: vintage donna karan
skirt: target
sweater tights: h&m
boots: vintage
      this morning went by like a typical morning.  jeb walked past the bedroom without actually looking in and told me i looked pretty.  then things changed as i went to leave and jeb realized i was pretty much wearing a tutu.  jeb said, "brooke, seriously, you can't wear that to work" followed by "dress for the job you want!"  to which i responded, "well this is perfect then because i want a job where i can wear a tutu."  as i recall he also told me that this wasn't punky brewster.
     i wanted to dress down my tutu with layers of black.  my blazer, cotton tee, thick tights and boots played down the girly piece and everyone in my office seemed to love it.  caroline even told me that i have guts.  what gets better than that, i ask you?  the answer; nothing!


  1. oh my goodness gracious -- you look so stinking cute!

  2. You look great. Maybe not an everyday outfit but you should be able to express your personality which is tutu terrific! In addition, you definitely can describe a moment in time with just the right words. I feel that I was there.

  3. Seriously, I LOVE this outfit. As I predicted, you look like a rockstar! So happy you went with this outfit. I ja-dore it!

  4. Perfectly dressed down. And I agree completely with Caroline, you have got some guts! Maybe i'll let you borrow my Aggro Crag sometime? :)