a simple equation.

wiley wears:

sweater: thrifted
jeans: bdg
scarf: vintage
boots: jacibos
     there is not a whole lot to this outfit.  exactly the reason i decided to photograph and post about it.  sometimes the perfect weekend outfits are just a simple sweater and jeans with a singular colorful accessory.  i found this wonderful over-sized cream sweater on a thrifting adventure with my mom and my man over thanksgiving.  it's baggy, forgiving, and just begging to join you on the sofa.  these types of tops are so easy to come by at your favorite thrift or vintage shops and look perfect when paired with extra-tight skinnys or a pair of leggings (as long as it covers your bum, girls.  let me remind you, leggings do not equal pants.)  i wore my jacibos and added a floral vintage headscarf to make the outfit look a little more thought out and headed to the burbs with jeb to visit his family.
     my week is already off to a great start as i already have a handful of outfits i am excited to debut and a really exciting holiday packing adventure i am actively planning.  i hope you will all come along for the ride.
    and lastly, thank you so much to all of you.  i never thought i would be able to share my style and ideas with so many and i'm beyond flattered everyday when you take a minute or two to view my photos and hear about my life.
happy holidays!


  1. that sweater looks warm and you look amazing in those head scarves!