one fine day.

wiley wears:

chambray top: old navy
cable knit cardigan: vintage
corduroys: j.crew
boots: sperry
     my first 20x20 remix outfit and i am thinking i can handle this whole twenty item challenge.  i have had one snag already, as i left my black maxi dress in boston and have to wait until jeb drives to pa to be able to remix it.  (so the end of the remix will probably be heavy with that dress.)  i may have had a bit of a meltdown when i realized, but i will figure out some new outfits to make up for my lack of dress.
     this is my first remixed outfit, and the absolute perfect outfit for my first day out in pennsylvania.  i ran errands with my older sister and we stopped in the park to take some photos in front of the old stone house.  jenni was adamant that i needed a few pictures in front of all the little boys playing hockey on the frozen pond. so small-town christmas.  i love it.  i went with something really warm, layered and comfortable.  my sperry boat boots are making their first blog appearance!  aren't they lovely?
     nineteen outfits to go!

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  1. I love this sweater! It looks just like one my dad always wore when I was little. My mom won't let him wear it out of the house anymore because it has holes at the elbows. Glad you had a safe trip home!