style spotlight: oversized watches.

so if you know me on a personal level then you've obviously heard about the 'michael kors watch debacle of 2010.'  if not, let me give you the abridged version.  brooke spends her day at sea (well at dock) and heads home in a taxi, only to leave her beloved watch in the back seat.  she later calls every boston cab company crying at 3am trying to find said watch.  all to no avail.  on a good note, this story has a happy ending, as jeb is the best man alive and replaced my tortoise shell watch for christmas this year.
because of this, i thought it would be great to do my style spotlight on the oversized watch.  i love the way it looks on a woman's wrist.  a great play on menswear that goes so well with feminine details.  and i have to admit, i am a fan of large shiny objects in jewelry-form.

what's your take? 

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