modern-day joan.

wiley wears:

dress: h&m
circle scarf: american apparel
belt: walmart
tights: tjmaxx
booties: target
     i have only seen a few episodes of madmen (i know, i know. a true crime) but my favorite character, so far, is joan.  she's sassy, smart a woman who knows what she wants.  i also love that she has the most saavy sense of style throughout the show.  i'm definitely not a peggy and not proper enough to be a betty, so joan it is.  this dress always makes me think of joan because of the vibrant shade of pink and the fitted silhouette.  i added all black to tone down the bright color of the dress and think the belt helps to balance out the fit of the dress.  my new booties are my favorite part and there is something about the scarf that balances out the entire ensemble.


  1. Love it, love it, love it. Shame on you for not being completely up-to date on Mad Men. It is the greatest show! Channeling Joan can do you no harm. Go for it.

  2. This looks fantastic on you! Great colors and scarf combo. And I totally LOVE the tutu look from a couple of posts ago. I love them, but boys are dumb.

  3. love this look.. the scarf looks spectacular against that dress!

  4. love that first pose & i WANT that scarf. The entire look is very lively and professional.