four minutes.

wiley wears:

cardigan: gap
skirt: target
sweater tights: h&m
heeled oxfords: target
necklace: anthropologie (gift)
     i know my 20x20 challenge may seem off to a slow start with only four outfits up so far, but fear not, my loves, i have a plethora of posts queued up for the rest of the week.  vacation is the perfect time for a challenge like this because i often go from one wardrobe extreme to the next from morning to night.  days are spent vintage shopping, thrifting, lounging and reading, while my nights are spent out with friends and family.  this gives me the opportunity to fit two outfits into one day, and with only twenty pieces to choose from it makes it easy to do day-to-evening outfits.  
     i wore this outfit to the annual christmas eve party at a friend's house and thought it was fitting for a night of enjoying a few cocktails with people i love.  my sister bought me this necklace from anthro for christmas and i am absolutely loving it.  you can't go wrong with big chunky jewelry as a gift for me (hint, hint, to those of you looking for birthday ideas.)  although both the cardigan and skirt are very versatile, i wanted to just pile on the simple things and make it funky with jewelry again.  and the black tights with these heels made my legs look pretty darn long.  now that i can deal with.


  1. Well, don't you clean up nice! You look beautiful. :)

  2. i've seen those target skirts before, it looks so cute on!!!

  3. Those pics are amazing! Some very talented photographer must have shot them.

  4. I love your lace skirt...grey lace is sooo cute!