three times a lady.

wiley wears:

top: h&m
necklace: beach shop
jeans: bdg
brogues: miss me
hat: borrowed from my cousin, lance
    a photo-heavy post because the fabulous nate took my photos again and i love so many of the pictures and really wanted to share them.  i was looking for something simple on this day and having jeans and an easy, yet colorful, top to throw on was the simplest equation.  i knew this tee would be the perfect piece to have in the 20x20 challenge because it has so many different colors to work with and the ruffled sleeves give it a little something extra.  my pink and coral beaded necklace brought out some of the varying shades of pink in the top and kept the outfit from being too basic.   i have to say, this whole twenty items thing is keeping it very simple to get dressed in the morning.  
     i do have a confession to make though...there will be a 21st item in these twenty days, as i found the most gorgeous black lace shift dress to wear for new years eve.  (and really, i don't think new years eve counts.)

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