$#%& that jeb says.

wiley wears:

top: uo
cashmere skirt: white + warren
tights: ae
belt: h&m
boots: jacibos
     for those that know jeb and i know our relationship is split mostly between two phrases; 'i love you' and 'you're ridiculous.'  jeb has been so amazingly supportive of my blog and although there might be a sigh or grunt when i ask him to run outside with me for pictures, he always obliges.  i love when jeb takes my photos because he may not tell me that my fly is open or that i have a huge cow-lick on my head, but he always has a few words of wisdom:
"stop touching your face." (similar to "stop touching your hair.")
"look at the camera." 
"don't look behind you.  it's just a picture of hair"
"stop dancing."
"stand still!"
    there are always a lot of laughs, and hey, freezing cold days require dancing to stay warm!  just because jeb doesn't get that there are some important 'blogger poses' to cover (ie staring at the ground), he still goes out there with me every single day. 
     this is what i wore to jeb's family christmas party. (a blast, as always.)  a fitted cashmere skirt over sweater tights and a ruffled rust-colored top.  not a whole lot to say about that one.
happy short work-week!

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  1. hahaha! oh, jeb, you gotta tell her when her fly is open!