fingers crossed.

wiley wears:

bubble dress: borrowed from lin (cause she's the best)
cardigan: j.crew
tights: target
boots: uo
     oh, the bubble dress.  great for ladies with a shorter bottom half, but not so hot for a girl who's body is made of up of 75% leg.  i still love it.  it has polka dots, people.  so i still love it.  regardless, it may not have been the most appropriate dress for work, but don't worry doubters (and mom) i wore shorts underneath.  i love wearing full-volume pieces, like this dress, with tighter, fitted pieces, like the cardigan and tights.  tall brown boots help to balance out the shorter dress and wild hair is just a wiley accessory.
     on another note, i made dinner tonight for my bestfriend caroline and we had such an amazing night just talking about love and life.  i love her so much and consider myself lucky to have such incredible people in my life.  (she also has an amazing interview tomorrow and i have my fingers and toes crossed...even my hair is in a braid, that's crossed, right?)
happy friday, loves!


  1. You have AWESOME hair! You should wear it down more often in your photos. Very jealous of it.

  2. great bubble dress...I canNOT pull off a bubble dress of any kind, unless belted...looks great on you!

    i'll cross my fingers for Caroline too! :)

  3. woo hoo! thanks Brooke & Jill!! and you look fabulous brooke!