guy french.

1. founders of guy french: christina french houghton and louisa guy roeder
2 and 3. a rack of chic tailored blazers
4 and 5. the new love of my life...the christine jacket
6. hannah in the camille jacket
7. ali in the olivia jacket
    today i had the amazing opportunity of attending a trunk show featuring jackets by guy french alongside regalia estate and fine jewelry. (a post on regalia will follow tomorrow.)  christina and louisa were so gracious and kind spending the day describing their mission to create perfectly tailored wardrobe staples while also aiding us all in finding our own personal favorites.  
    these blazers and jackets were incredible; impeccable fits, gorgeous and colorful linings and unique takes on a basic wardrobe staple.  i fell deeply in love with the christine jacket...a gorgeous wool blazer with the embellishment of a silk scarf sewn from the collar to the hemline of the jacket.  my personal color choice, the navy blazer with sumptuous gray silk.  i adore their take on making an everyday piece a modern work of fashion art.  these pieces are investments worth making.  most would go easily from season to season, often working as a jacket in the early days of spring and fall, but all would be perfect year round....from the office to the nightclub.
    ali, hannah and i had a fabulous time swooning over each jacket we tried on.  above are some of our personal favorites.  if you haven't been, go to jackets by guy french online and pick your own favorites.  orders can be made through the website and each jacket is tailored perfectly to its buyer...including your choice of colorful linings.  i know i will be clicking my way through their site daily to try and decide which i love most.
many thanks to christina and louisa for having us, and congratulations on such beautiful work!

miss bliss.

wiley wears:

dress: 1970s vintage
tights: target
belt: h&m
boots: target
     today was one of the best days i have had in a long while.  my beautiful friends, ali and hannah, spent the day with me; from snacks and wine at bouchee to a lovely trunk show in the back bay (more to come on this next post).  i found this dress days ago and was immediately taken with its vibrant color scheme and versatility.  as i walked out of our bedroom, to show jeb my newest love, he quickly responded to my fashion show with, "you look just like miss bliss."  wow, i thought, my boyfriend is comparing me to haley mills' dowdy teacher role on the earliest of earliest 'saved by the bell' episodes.  in my typical fashion, i took this as a compliment and walked away.  and as i walked through the city all day i fell deeper and deeper into love with this silk beauty.  i wanted to highlight the teal stripes running throughout the dress with my vibrantly teal opaque tights.  throw in a camel braided belt and some suede camel western boots, and i think i found myself in the perfect outfit for a sunday on the town with my fabulous friends.
in other news...stay tuned for tomorrow night's 'wiley wears' post, because i made one of my most exciting vintage purchases in years.  obviously, not capable of waiting more than a day to wear this new beauty.  oh, oh, oh...it's too amazing!

say anything.

wiley wears:

romper: target
cardigan: uo
tights: ae
belt: h&m
boots: target
pashmina: h&m
     tonight was the perfect evening to try out my newest romper.  i found this sweet girl at target for less than twenty dollars.  i fell in love with the ruffles and this vibrant shade of teal.  i look forward to wearing it on the hottest days of summer, over a bikini or just off to the grocery store, but wanted to winterize it so that i could wear it now.  tights and a cardigan and its a go.  the romper has a waist that ties, but i put my own belt over the tie to give more definition to my waistline.  the belt always goes well with my target suede boots, and my pashmina matches absolutely everything.  all in all, in was great for a quiet (well kind of) night in with friends, drinking wine, chowing down on an amazing homemade taco bar and playing a rousing game of say anything. (if you haven't heard of this game, go pick it up!  it's like apples to apples, but you write in your own answers, so it gets pretty ridiculous.)
a big thanks to lin for taking these shots and putting the evening together!


scrupulous finds.

today i had a great day of vintage and thrift shopping around my neighborhood.  here are some hints on a few new pieces that will be showing up in the coming days and weeks.  oh, such a fulfilling afternoon!

let's do the polka...dot.

wiley wear:

top: f21
blazer: uo
jeans: j.crew
shoes: jeffrey campbell
     let me just start this off by saying...oh, polka dots, i love you.  i have had a severe swoon-worthy obsession with polka-dots.  they are just the cutest and always make me think about my childhood.  i found this top at forever 21 a long time ago and thought it was so 'blair waldorf.'  so obviously, i had to make the purchase.  my off-white miami vice blazer was the perfect way to tone down a very very blousy top and i chose my jeffrey campbell nurse shoes to bring that color into another aspect of the outfit.  these cigarette jeans are a favorite of mine.  i got them from j.crew, on sale for $12!!!  find of the century!  this outfit worked perfect for day to night and i have to admit that i feel really put together in this.
off to the seashore (i hope) this evening!
i hope everyone is living it up!


i love ya, tomorrow.

wiley wears:

dress: j.crew
cardigan: j.crew
tights: uo
boots: thom browne
necklace: borrowed from billian
     well, it's finally the end of this long and rainy week.  i am very much looking forward to tomorrow, as weather permitting, my little sister is coming for a visit.  it is also jeans day tomorrow...and we all know how i love jeans day!  keeping with my promise of bright and sunny colors i wore this orange j.crew cardigan (seen many times on my blog) and paired it with my heathered cotton j.crew dress (also seen many times on here).  i love the one big pop of color from the sweater.  considering i am very fair skinned and freckled, it is easy to wash me out, so i chose the bright sweater to keep the tan dress from making me look paler than i already appear.  this long gold necklace, with orange beading was the perfect final touch.  it works out that i borrowed this from billy last weekend and i saw it on my bureau this morning and had to put it on.  so thanks, bill! ha.
since most of you will read this tomorow, happy friday!


gypsy rose.

wiley wears:

dress: j.crew
cardigan: j.crew
belt: vintage
tights: target
shoes: vintage dexters
scarf: flea market find
     i promised bright colors in this dreary weather.  and i like to keep my promises.  you have all seen this cardigan over and over again.  the kelly green color always brightens up my mornings.  i wore it over a soft cotton navy smock dress.  my tights, which look a lot like pantyhose in this light, are some of my favorites because they go with absolutely everything.  today's outfit was all about the accesories.  i wore the dexters my sister got me for my birthday, my beloved beaded vintage belt and this floral patterned scarf tied around my head.  paired together they made me feel like a gypsy (in the best way possible). 


i'm just too far from where you are.

wiley wears:

tee: splendid
skirt: gap
cardigan: uo
tights: ae
boots: thom browne
     i realized after uploading my photos that the only acceptable ones were the ones where i am not looking directly at the camera.  mostly because i got the bad news that winter weather is going to hit philadelphia just as my little sister was supposed to be traveling up to visit me.  after getting this news i wallowed in self-pity for awhile and cried to my mom on the phone. (geez i'm a baby.)  since i am so very homesick i am hoping that the weathermen are wrong and that paige will make it here on friday.  regardless, peach, jenni and mom...i love you guys to the moon and back!
   onto more fashion blog related things; my outfit.  i wanted something bright today and i liked the idea of finding another brightly patterned spring skirt to wear over tighst.  this skirt has always been a favorite.  the dyed pattern is watered down in certain places and bleeds into some other shades which i love.  i found this great ballerina top in a similar purple and toned it down for the office by adding dark gray tights and a cardigan.  i think this whole week will need to be a colorful occasion since boston has a forecast for dark skies, rain and snow until next monday.

a little thought.

this scene from 'paris, je t'aime' gave me goosebumps.
a magical movie moment.
and maggie's dress is absolutely to-die-for.


because our hearts tell us so.

wiley wears:

cardigan: j.crew
flower pin: on loan from poppy and leo
khakis: gap
tights: uo
shoes: tjmaxx
     i cannot believe that this is my 100th post!  it seems so crazy to think that i started this blog with the hopes of having a few people check it out each day and to give myself a bit of a hobby.  instead, this blog has become such an inspiration to me.  i have followers from all over the world! how crazy is that?!  it has been so great getting to know other amazing fashion bloggers and trading ideas and style inspiration.  i don't want to ramble on, but i am just so grateful for all of my readers.  you are all amazing!  so thank you!
   onto today's outfit.  it was pretty much all about this floral pin that caroline lent me.  the pin is from anthropologie and i love the way it brightened up a classic color palate.  navy, tan and pink are an amazing combination.  i also added another feminine touch with some lacy brown tights. i like to change it up with these basic khakis, so i cuffed them and let the tights stick out a bit.


urban equestrian.

wiley wears:

blazer: vintage dior
top: gap
corduroys: j.crew
boots: jeffrey campbell
   today i felt ready to hop on a horse and leave the city behind.  i thought these mustard cords would be great for jeans day at the office, but wanted to dress them up and i attempted a preppy polo-inspired outfit.  this filmy white ruffled button down looks classic and feminine under my favorite fitted vintage navy blazer.  paired with dark leather boots the whole look came together quite well.  if i do say so myself.  i made sure to pull my hair back into a clean bun and now think pearl earrings and my enamel horse necklace might have been better jewelry options, but you just cannot stop me from wearing my gold hoops whenever possible.
i hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.
off for a 70's inspired dance party.  pictures to follow.


winter whites.

wiley wears:

tank: guess
cardigan: gap
skirt: gap
tights: h&m
boots: thrifted
    today i challeged myself to find a bright and vibrant print to incorporate into my outfit.  this springy floral skirt felt like the ultimate piece to mix with an otherwise black and wintry outfit.  in the summer the skirt is the perfect go-to.  its flowly and looks beaufiul blowing in the wind; the ultimate skirt for brunches in the park and a day of shopping along charles street.  today i wanted to remind myself of all those glorious days to come, but at the same time, keep the outfit grounded in the actual temperatures outside.  i wore one of my favorite long boyfriend cardigans over the skirt and used a vintage ribbon belt to give the slouchy sweater some more shape.  i have to admit that i love white in the winter....no white after labor day? oh please.  white is the simplest way to make an outfit feel bright and it helps  to remind us that spring really is just right around the corner.  and white paired with a deeper richer tone can make it appropriate in the coldest days of winter.

oh, alexa.

     so the combination of two things i dearly love, alexa chung and madewell, has made this week a bit more bearable.  and lucky for me, i work next door to the only madewell store in boston.  as soon as these amazing pieces hit the stores i know i will have a tough time staying out of there.  i love when a non-designer creates a line for a store that really showcases their true personality and personal style.  these ensembles scream alexa chung.  and as for me, i will do what i can to emulate her fabulous and quirky style.


gray matters.

wiley wears:

dress: splendid
cardigan: sundance (gift from margo)
tights: target
boots: jeffrey campbell
     i am really feeling this gray on gray outfit.  i need to step outside this monochromatic bubble i am in this week.  i think tomorrow i will work on our outfit with lots of bright colors.  i love this sweater that maggie got me, the gold sequins add a lot of flavor to a soft wool cardigan.  who knew robert reford made clothing?  (yes, sundance is robert redford's clothing line.)  check out the amazing clogs they have.  very in love.  sorry for the short post, but i am off for some yoga!
                   it's almost the weekend!


as close to all black as i get.


wiley wears:

cardigan: j.crew
dress: target
tights: target
shoes: thom browne
     this is my ode to fashion week and the all-black ensembles that are everywhere.  but of course...i am incapable of wearing only black and had to throw on this bright cardigan for a bit of a pop.  my mom bought me this black shift dress at target a couple of years ago and its a great go-to in my closet.  the peter pan collar and small pockets are great touches that add some flavor to an otherwise basic black shift.
   in other news, is anyone else obsessed with 'kell on earth,' on bravo??  i cannot turn it off.  i love seeing the fashion industry from the inside-out.  i could never handle that pressure.  some of what the girls go through makes me want to cry.  i am certain i do not have the backbone to handle a boss like kelly cutrone, although i have to admit that after watching, i like her more than i ever thought i would.


evening to daytime. spring to winter.

wiley wears:

dress: uo
turtleneck: gap
tights: h&m
belt: uo
boots: thrifted
     my favorite way to winterize a springy dress, or bring a fancier dress back to reality is with a black turtleneck; making the dress a jumper.  the layering kept me warm, while the shape of the dress with the tight cotton turtleneck took me right back to my childhood.  you just feel more playful while wearing a jumper.  as for the dress, it has a crazy 80s print and pockets! enough said.  as usual i belted the dress (hey, i know what works for my body type) to show off the full-bodied skirt.  today's outfit took a springy evening dress into a cold work day.  just throw on a turtleneck girl.


the great debate.

1. librarian/need supply co./$42   2. la boheme/reed evins/$84   
3. sunny/target/$20   4. pink lady/steve madden/$70   
5. croquet/anthropologie/$258   6. daytripper/anthropologie/$175
7. lady-like/j.crew/$138   8. wrapped/christian louboutin/$476
9. the edge/be&d/$318   10. aztec/sigerson morrison/$195

1. blues-traveler/steve madden/$55   2. sophistication/giuseppe zanotti/$695 
3. stud-finder/target/$30   4. pow-wow/faryl robin/$250 
5. tart/seychelles/$90   6. midnight/dolce vita/$100
7. upper east side/seychelles/$110   8. trek/burberry/$495
9. belted/faryl robin/$230   10. nude/stuart weitzman/$298

the great debate: flats vs. heels

    it really is the best debate.  i am 5'8", so i of course am always drawn to flats.  and honestly, comfort is still an important part of the way i dress.  i do love a great pair of heels, but when making a real investment in a pair of shoes, they are almost always a great pair of flats.  my bestfriend, jill, and i recently decided it was time for some more dueling banter. (see here.)  although, like me, jill wears both heels and flats, she is decidedly more addicted to heels.  at my same height it always impresses me, but she loves anything eye-catching.  i cannot help but be envious.  last week the two of us were discussing what it might be fun to bicker about for a few days and, alas, the heels vs. flats debate. (no joke, when jill sent me her picks the email was entitled "my heels are HOT, yours are FLAT")  clearly it became a competition.  it was simple to decide who would represent each style. (if unclear, i chose flats and jill, heels.)  we decided to scour the interwebs and each present ten pairs of our most beloved shoes.  jill thought it would be fun to come up with a title for each shoe we picked.  something that described our initial reaction to the shoes.  the above collages represent each of our twenty picks.  i hope you guys enjoy checking out our favorites as much as we enjoyed putting this together.
so what's your pick? heels or flats?
happy valentines day my loves!

dancing queen.

wiley wears:

top: uo
jean shorts: red engine (d.i.y)
tight: uo
knee socks: target
boots: uo
     so here it is....my silent disco ensemble.  let me break down the idea of the 'silent disco'.  you go to a bar, its oddly silent, there are two djs both playing that can only be heard through the pair of headphones you are given. the headphones have two channels, so that you are able to pick which dj you want to listen to.  so it looks really cool because everyone is dancing to different music and when you take your headphones off you can't hear the music but everyone is still moving.  craziness.  obviously i had to wear something funky and fun.  i went for the red tights i can't stop wearing and wore my jean shorts on top.  with some knee socks and boots it was really warm for a cold cold night in boston.  i bought this top years ago and we have a love-hate relationship.  the vintage-looking patterns and colors make it interesting, but without the right bottoms, it can make the wearer look retty large.  i have to admit though, for twirling and dancing it was just perfect.  



wiley wears:

top: vintage levis
cardigan: uo
leggings: american apparel
wellies: hunter
     this one is from the vault.  my friend, lin, took this photos at her birthday dinner and she sent them to me this weekend and it reminded me of how much i loved this outfit.  it was a really cold and rainy night and i needed an outfit that was warm and functional.  the winter leggings from american apparel are amazing....warmer than jeans.  and this vintage plaid shirt, so versatile...i know, i know, i've worn it four times in the last month, but i just cannot get enough.  i added a couple of vintage necklaces and some big pearl earrings to make my casual outfit look a bit more thought out.


my sweet old lady kicks.

wiley wears:

top: velvet
jeans: paige
belt: h&m
shoes: vintage dexters (gift from my big sister)
    i really loved this outfit.  as usual, i loved my jeans-friday.  these trouser jeans are the perfect pair of denim for a day at the office.  i typically pair these jeans with a tighter top to keep the proportions right, but today i knew i had to wear this top.  i had been looking at it every morning in my closet and finally thought about putting it on today.  this was probably one of the biggest splurges i have ever made on a shirt.  it was after a long night of bartending and i saw it in the window of a small boutique and knew i had to have it.  sadly, it made it to the back of my closet in the move and has hardly been worn since last year.  i wanted to add the belt to break up all the blue and highlight my waist so as not to look like a big box.  the belt also matches my new shoes perfectly!  jenni knew i wanted a pair of vintage old lady shoes pretty badly and i found these on etsy and sent her the link hoping i would find them in my birthday package...and i did!! so thank you jiffy.  love you.
off to a silent disco tonight! difficult to explain, but i will expand on that later.


the sweetest taboo.


wiley wears:

skirt: gap
tank: splendid
cardigan: j.crew
tights: ae
boots: thom browne
    today, in my attempt at thinking spring, i chose some pastels and bright prints.  i think they contrast well with the navy sweater and dark chocolate brown boots.  it felt good to wear tights and a skirt again, since one day in dress pants makes me itch for some fashion relief.  someone please tell me how khakis can ever be cute.  i need to find a great pair of tan riding pants, or some tapered cigarette trousers in beige.  anyone have any suggestions?  i see feburary as the end of the winter season, one last chance to wear all those thick tights, heavy sweaters, and thick-knit knee socks.  once march comes i find it difficult not to brave the weather and try out some of my spring favorites.
as for the second photo...this is me showing my pre-v-day love to all of you. 
(and its just funny.)