urban equestrian.

wiley wears:

blazer: vintage dior
top: gap
corduroys: j.crew
boots: jeffrey campbell
   today i felt ready to hop on a horse and leave the city behind.  i thought these mustard cords would be great for jeans day at the office, but wanted to dress them up and i attempted a preppy polo-inspired outfit.  this filmy white ruffled button down looks classic and feminine under my favorite fitted vintage navy blazer.  paired with dark leather boots the whole look came together quite well.  if i do say so myself.  i made sure to pull my hair back into a clean bun and now think pearl earrings and my enamel horse necklace might have been better jewelry options, but you just cannot stop me from wearing my gold hoops whenever possible.
i hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.
off for a 70's inspired dance party.  pictures to follow.


  1. I love this! Those pants are such an amazing color!

  2. Still waiting for 1970's party photos. What does a person where to a 1970's party?