guy french.

1. founders of guy french: christina french houghton and louisa guy roeder
2 and 3. a rack of chic tailored blazers
4 and 5. the new love of my life...the christine jacket
6. hannah in the camille jacket
7. ali in the olivia jacket
    today i had the amazing opportunity of attending a trunk show featuring jackets by guy french alongside regalia estate and fine jewelry. (a post on regalia will follow tomorrow.)  christina and louisa were so gracious and kind spending the day describing their mission to create perfectly tailored wardrobe staples while also aiding us all in finding our own personal favorites.  
    these blazers and jackets were incredible; impeccable fits, gorgeous and colorful linings and unique takes on a basic wardrobe staple.  i fell deeply in love with the christine jacket...a gorgeous wool blazer with the embellishment of a silk scarf sewn from the collar to the hemline of the jacket.  my personal color choice, the navy blazer with sumptuous gray silk.  i adore their take on making an everyday piece a modern work of fashion art.  these pieces are investments worth making.  most would go easily from season to season, often working as a jacket in the early days of spring and fall, but all would be perfect year round....from the office to the nightclub.
    ali, hannah and i had a fabulous time swooning over each jacket we tried on.  above are some of our personal favorites.  if you haven't been, go to jackets by guy french online and pick your own favorites.  orders can be made through the website and each jacket is tailored perfectly to its buyer...including your choice of colorful linings.  i know i will be clicking my way through their site daily to try and decide which i love most.
many thanks to christina and louisa for having us, and congratulations on such beautiful work!


  1. Brooke.. I love that jacket on you! The detail of the jacket is amazing! They have an awesome website too.. great posts lately, keep up the great work, its the highlight to my day xoxoxoxoxo

  2. love the tailored construction of the last jacket! beautiful!

  3. great blog! i truly appreciate the guy french reference, as I have been looking for an incredible jacket. I just checked out their website, and I think the Stephanie might just be for me :)


  4. Beautiful Jackets! This is a wonderful, inspiring fashion blog! Keep up the good work.
    Love the vintage finds :)