interoffice inspiration.


wiley wears:

plaid shirt: vintage levi
pencil skirt: zara
belt: uo
tights: h&m
boots: jeffrey campbell
     in an office with only three women, including myself, i am often surrounded by so many button-ups, khakis, and recently vests, that there is not a whole lot of female fashion inspiration.  today my outfit was inspired by ann, first my friend and second my coworker.  a few months ago ann paired a western style button up with a classic pencil skirt and i fell in love with the idea of combining a perfectly washed flannel and a sleek skit.  ann and i live on very different fashion worlds, ann is classy and girly and her outfits are always stylish and put together perfectly.  i, on the other hand, am such a mish-mash of styles and sometimes when i get to the office need a hairbursh or a moment in front of a mirror to put some mascara on my lashes.  
    i decided to attempt my own version of ann's western-meets-the office ensemble.  this black zara pencil skirt helped to add a level of fit to my favorite blousy button-up.  with thick knit tights and these jeffrey campbell boots i felt put together while being able to rock one of my most comfy, go-to pieces.


  1. Super cute outfit Brooke!
    Hope you are feeling better.

    XOXO Jenn