the great debate.

1. librarian/need supply co./$42   2. la boheme/reed evins/$84   
3. sunny/target/$20   4. pink lady/steve madden/$70   
5. croquet/anthropologie/$258   6. daytripper/anthropologie/$175
7. lady-like/j.crew/$138   8. wrapped/christian louboutin/$476
9. the edge/be&d/$318   10. aztec/sigerson morrison/$195

1. blues-traveler/steve madden/$55   2. sophistication/giuseppe zanotti/$695 
3. stud-finder/target/$30   4. pow-wow/faryl robin/$250 
5. tart/seychelles/$90   6. midnight/dolce vita/$100
7. upper east side/seychelles/$110   8. trek/burberry/$495
9. belted/faryl robin/$230   10. nude/stuart weitzman/$298

the great debate: flats vs. heels

    it really is the best debate.  i am 5'8", so i of course am always drawn to flats.  and honestly, comfort is still an important part of the way i dress.  i do love a great pair of heels, but when making a real investment in a pair of shoes, they are almost always a great pair of flats.  my bestfriend, jill, and i recently decided it was time for some more dueling banter. (see here.)  although, like me, jill wears both heels and flats, she is decidedly more addicted to heels.  at my same height it always impresses me, but she loves anything eye-catching.  i cannot help but be envious.  last week the two of us were discussing what it might be fun to bicker about for a few days and, alas, the heels vs. flats debate. (no joke, when jill sent me her picks the email was entitled "my heels are HOT, yours are FLAT")  clearly it became a competition.  it was simple to decide who would represent each style. (if unclear, i chose flats and jill, heels.)  we decided to scour the interwebs and each present ten pairs of our most beloved shoes.  jill thought it would be fun to come up with a title for each shoe we picked.  something that described our initial reaction to the shoes.  the above collages represent each of our twenty picks.  i hope you guys enjoy checking out our favorites as much as we enjoyed putting this together.
so what's your pick? heels or flats?
happy valentines day my loves!

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